Former Corus Radio Personality Traci Trottier has been sued for Breach of Contract along with US radio Station – December 1, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Former Corus Radio Personality Traci Trottier has been sued for Breach of Contract.   Ms Trottier has had a tumultuous 2010.

Having been abruptly fired from Cornwall Radio Station Variety 104.5, which led to her having to be escorted out by police, Ms Trottier signed up with local Internet Radio station only to breach her contract and sign with a nearby US radio Station which also has been named in the law suit.

We’ll be reporting on the case as it proceeds through the courts.

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  1. I’m so glad that Seaway Radio has shown the ‘cojones’ to go after this person. Traci signed a binding contract and then promptly withdrew from fulfilling it. For that she has to pay, and in Canadian $’s.

  2. It’s hard enough to earn an income these days without having to deal with corrupt and dishonest people. If you can’t fulfill a contract then you negotiate your way out of it so it is equitable for both parties involved.

  3. More threats Traci, really.

    Is any of what Jamie has written here untrue? If you had dealt honestly and fairly with the situation right from the beginning then this would not be an issue. Because of your actions this situation has now become a legal action. In my opinion not enough small businesses take action to remedy casually broken contracts.

  4. Yes, in fact – much of what Jamie has written is untrue. And when did Corus become his issue to write about?? (falsely, I might add) It had nothing to do with the current situation and is simply tabloid trash. I will no longer post anything on this site…and I look forward to our day in court. And next time you are speaking with Jamie – ask about his own police issues. This is absolutely ridiculous, juvenile and a cry for attention.

  5. From this article we can see exactly who might have police issues, is ridiculous, juvenile and giving out a cry for attention! The Blonde Bimbo has learned early in life that a good defense is an offense!

  6. Traci, you do realize that it is Jamie who is approving your comments here. You are digging yourself a deeper hole.

  7. It may be a good idea for you all to tell the whole story not just the tidbits that make others look bad to make yourselves look good. Have u nothing better to do.

  8. Author

    Darlene the whole and entire story has been told except for some nasty tid bits and threats from Ms Trottier which will come out in court. We offered her a job when nobody wanted her. We tailored a package to the needs that she communicated and requested. She signed a short contract with two protective clauses that are fairly standard, (a non disclosure and a four month no compete) and then reneged on the contract while breaking both clauses.

    In the interim there were nasty threats and horrible emails from Ms Trottier. There’s no other hidden story or agenda.

  9. So what she broke a contract who cares man that means you wont have to pay her think of it this way you’ll have more money to put towards something else and wont have less money by paying her so y sue her for breaking a contract who gives a damn i feel sorry for traci for being miss treated and for the guy the called her a blond bimbo dont you have some respect for people you trailer trash

  10. I say print the Emails Jamie !!!

    Call her out and see where she hides. I understand if you can’t print them.. But if she is working in the US do you really think serving her will happen..

    Well if you need her served let me know 😉

  11. When you buy a car or rent an apartment you sign a contract. If you decide not to honour that contract then consequences happen. The throw you out of the apartment or they take away your car. Traci did not honour her contract so she’s being sued, plain and simple! She’s not being mistreated in any way. I’m the guy who called her a blonde bimbo and from the decisions she’s made thats exactly what she is, trailer trash! (to repeat your words)

  12. Author

    She’s been served and I’m sure this will all come out in the court. I’ve tried to limit what I say or not say at this point as this isn’t about revenge. It’s about companies like the US radio station hiring someone knowing that she had this contract. Because if they did as their manager said they would and not hire her because of the contract we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    They are the ones that have to be punished more than a messed up person with no understanding of contracts who throws tantrums and goes Glenn Close when she doesn’t get her way.

  13. Has anyone ascertained whether Traci is an American citizen or is she working in the USA under a “green card”? Maybe she’s working illegally in the USA. Has anyone ever checked that? Perhaps a call to US Immigration or Homeland Security is in order.

  14. Author

    jamielite people use contracts for a reason. In the old days a person’s word was their bond; as was their handshake. Now we use contracts. I give a damn that a contract I worked on and catered to the other partie’s needs was not respected. I care that my sponsors and I have suffered because of it not being respected.

    In this world contracts exist for a reason. If someone isn’t happy or wants to change they generally they try and negotiate out of a contract or to change them. I can tell you we acted in good faith to not come to the point of having to issue suit, but that it takes both sides to make a compromise and one side arrogantly thought they could do what they wanted with no consequence.

    So the lesson people is before you sign a contract make sure you are willing to abide by it and if you do need to change realize that it’s up to you to resolve it and not just tell the other party to blow off.

  15. Who’s darlene suddenly? Does she have some inside knowledge of what is going on? Or is it just Traci under an assumed pseudonym trying to stir up the pot in her favor?

  16. Heh, heh, heh,… Glenn Close, good one.

  17. To Grimalot, Darlene is her next door neighbour and friend, so of course she’s going to take her side.
    I would also like the whole story of why she was fired!

  18. Author

    While I won’t comment directly as there’s litigation going on, it’s sad to see this little clique stirring rumors and attacking my business over something as clear cut as what’s happened? Do these people really think her behavior, reneging on a contract, is something that we should hold up as professional behavior? I’ve had comments made about her personal struggles etc, but as a small company I can assure her little clique of friends and supporters that her actions, supported by that US radio station that’s trying to leech off of our Cornwall market, have cause financial hardship to my family as well as hurt the sponsors that had signed up for the show we were going to run.

    I personally have had to deal with some stuff that will come out during the litigation that has nothing to do with business or contracts and that is just plain wrong and evil.

    When someone threatens me, my family, my friends, or sponsors, I will not stand for or tolerate that, and nobody should have to. Bully behavior should always be stood up to, even if you take a beating in the short term. There are some people who will have some answering to do locally after this case is resolved.

    Like Santa I’m making a list and definitely will be checking it twice and to those who have been naughty it probably won’t be nice.

    The great thing about having your day in court is that everything comes out, and those that have spread certain rumors can be called on even if it takes a year to resolve.

  19. Susan, now this explains things about darlene.. You will hear the full story soon enough.. a little investigation doesn’t hurt much and the reasons are easy to find out.. trust me, word gets around..

    I wouldn’t deal with intimidation either Jamie.. go for the jugular!

    There are many of these “cliques” going on Jamie.. This is one of the reason’s I kind of dislike Cornwall as a whole.. unless someone knows your family, their friends, where they come from, etc, its like they don’t give a crap about you here.. As I’ve said to some Cornwallites that never left the area, there’s a whole world out there, and it is definitely not centered around Cornwall..

    Is there room for change, of course there is.. But some people have their head’s so far up their @$$e$ that they’ll never get over their obtuse mentalities.. Luckily, I keep much better company in other places… But to the handful of people that I know here in Cornwall and consider to call friends, you are the one’s that stand out from the rest of the crowd/”clique”… And I wish you all the best!

  20. Seriously is this real news? any of it?

  21. Reading all of this is not surprising Traci is nothing but a liar and most of all a cheater, trash, and she walks around with her head high, who is she? a disgrace who can not be faithful to anyone. Shame on you.

  22. Not sure who gives someone the right to judge another – whom they don’t know. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister,a neighbour, a teacher, a friend. I have done nothing else but to give to the community that I grew up in. I have no shame at all. Talk like that?? I will stop at nothing – At the end of the day – my two beautiful boys adore me…try taking a shot at that…and you won’t hear the last of me. Enough is enough.

  23. Are you still on here? Thought you already shirked your contractual responsibilities and took off long ago..

  24. Hey Pete, What ever is going on, that’s pretty nasty stuff to be saying about anybody, especially publicly.
    Do you have a good libel lawyer?

  25. Why didn’t you honor your contract with CFN? Why did you dump Canada for the USA?

  26. Maybe he’ll post this one?? I work three jobs legally in Cornwall, Ontario Canada…to provide for my two boys. Again – enough is enough.

  27. Author

    Traci Trottier you were warned by the police I believe not to contact me. Phoning me twice at 8:17 PM tonight screeching about who you’re having conversations with really isn’t my business. Please do not call again. You have my legal reps number. Anything you have to say you can say at our first court session March 5th.

  28. Called you to ask why you wouldn’t accept my comment Gilcig. And it’s March 4th…just an FYI. Going to cuddle with my boys – and leave your poor excuse of a website alone…you are no longer worth my energy. And let’s not get into the police issue again?? Think they approached you after being called?? Leave it alone Jamie – and move on in life.

  29. Author

    Traci you tried to have me arrested by making a false claim. That’s why you were warned by the police. Lucky for me I was at Cornwall Square having a breakfast meeting when you pulled your stunt. There is a case number with Cornwall Police.

    And Traci you’re not the only one with a family. I have a family as did the local sponsors who were going to sign up with your show on

    You breached your contract without a care in the world. So did your employer, Mike Guimond of Mix 96. We acted in extreme good faith with people who obviously have no respect for the law.

    Now we’ll have our day in court. You can lie, scream, tell tales to people all over town trying to gain sympathy and make up crap as much as you want, but when you look in the mirror you know exactly what you’ve done.

    Now there will be no more posts by you or anyone on this subject until after the court case.


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