Tom Flanagan calls for Assassination of Wiki Leaks Director Julian Assange on CBC Television – December 1, 2010 – POLL

Cornwall ON- Well the beauty of video is that you can’t really miscontrue things.     Sounding like an extreme  Muslim fundamentalist getting all warm and fuzzy on Israel, University of Calgary Prof and Harper Advisor Tom Flanagan suggested that the director of a Wiki Leaks piece, Julian Assange, be “assassinated” on CBC television.

Here is the clip, at least until it’s pulled down from You Tube.


If you feel the need to contact the University here are Mr. Flanagan’s schools contact info.

Here is the information of Ms. Elizabeth Cannon, president of the UofC:

Phone: 403-220-5617


You know it’s one thing to think stuff like this.  It’s another to share it over drinks in a bar, but to call for it on live television while functioning as a pundit….well….it’s kind of refreshing….horrid, but refreshing….it should be interesting to see how this shakes out.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below, and please take our poll.

Should Tom Flanagan be fired for calling for the assassination of Wiki Leaks Director Julian Assange?

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  1. wow, what an unimaginable bastard this Flanagan tyrant is

  2. Pretty frightening (but not surpising) that a man with his credentials and opinions advises Canada’s Prime Minister. Very sad state of affairs that a University has a man with these opinions on the payroll. He should be investigated.

  3. Totally sorry about our sense of personal safety. After Assange who does Tom Flanagan think is next? Harper’s government wants to assassinate not nice journalists and throw pot heads in jail. Now that Bill S-10 has passed, can you imagine what our MP’s will do to the journalists at The Sun? The war on journalism has just begun -expect more laws against truth or expect more people to develop a backbone. Your call is as good as mine.

  4. More US rhetoric (Palin and Fox no-news said the same thing last week). This Conservative Party hack tells us a lot about Harper’s thinking. Is Harper now being advised to assassinate anyone who disagrees with him? So far, Harper has fired or withdrawn funds from everyone who disagreed with him. More and more you can see that the CBC is taking on a more and more right wing agenda.

  5. Author

    Hi Jerry,

    I think that’s a fair analysis. I can tell you here in Cornwall advertising is very partisan and political. There are places that would normally be fighting to advertise with us if this paper weren’t a bit left of centre, and one actually told me that if I signed a Conservative membership card he advertise with me.

    Between the Big Blue Machine effect here in Cornwall and the Kinsmen effect it’s a wonder we get any advertising locally 🙂 If a newspaper had our numbers and was right leaning my wife would be a lot happier with our bank balance. Just look at the weekly here in Cornwall to see my point.

    And psychologically speaking if you see the highest levels of power behave in a certain manner it’s going to trickle down the ladder right into cities like this. If the CBC doesn’t tow the line then the government will cut funds and their legs out. Pressure can be subtle on we media, but it’s always there.

    Benign Facism is alive and well in Canada. The Harper government is just following suit of the former Bush government and whatever they have going on in Russia.

  6. Ecuador has granted “residence” to Julian Assange if he wants to go.

  7. There’ a certain real estate company that seems to have pulled its advertising from this site, but I see the owner still likes to post here now and then.

  8. Hey I say if the public purse pays for said bullet then the public should make the call who goes and who stays eh. Then seriously, in reference to said memoirs of war, flanigan actually states;; “there’s stuff in there that could lead to war”.

    And I’m assuming flanigan’s threats of violence easily qualifies and gets him on the no fly list. Appalling ignorance.

  9. The vice-president of communications for CAPP, Janet Annesley, has publicly accused me of being a terrorist in her letter to the editor last November 20, because I exposed some of their members’ affiliation to the Tea Party. For the record, the only similarities between Kaczinski and me are that we are both of Polish descent, and we were both accepted to university at the age of 16.

    I shall continue to write about the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and some of its member companies, which include Koch Industries. Do I need to worry in case Ms. Annesley decides to put me on Flanagan’s Hit List? Do I need to invest in a Taser-proof jacket?

  10. It might help if people realized who the enemies to our country really are,this all goes back to before canada inception and certain countries/monarchies positioning themselves for the future.The greediest generation ever,the baby boomers have mortgaged so many generations future,they have none.Do you really believe politicians are informing people of the things required.There is a war on free thinkers,corporations are allowed to kill for money,almost everything is toxic or cancer causing,if you question these people they lie or deceive almost everyone including themselves.Kids act out when finding out they have been lied to by people they are legally required to trust,what does the future hold under these kind of tyrants?

  11. And hooray for freedom of speech. There’s value knowing what and who is behind the bush (no pun intended but I think a good one just the same)

  12. Extremely deplorable, that’s all I really have to say on Mr. Flanagan’s remarks…

    Otherwise T.Carter, I’ve been saying for a long time, this is basically all social engineering, a massive hack at best, but unfortunately all too effective over the years. Canadian’s just don’t stand up for themselves either. The US does. But here, our government controls us and manipulates us. What, 1% of the country is making massive money, and the rest of the country is just sitting in mud, and our governments do nothing about it except to dream up more taxes and repress us even more. Even if they aren’t working together, they still are and all just to make this all happen to us. It’s a classic Robin Hood case that should come out of this, but as I previously said, most Canadians these days are just too apathetic from the social engineering to even care or actually do something about it. And it’s getting worse. We are being oppressed beyond our wildest dreams yet we sit here talking about freedoms and not realizing what’s really going on.. Will the people stand up for themselves, for all their sakes, I certainly hope so.. but we’ll probably never see it happen, the rich and idiots in government will get richer, we’ll let it all happen as we do, and Ill be forever called some sort of leftie.. I’m prepared with a gameplan for almost any situation, is everyone else? because I see some day soon, something is going to happen, it’ll be big, and we’ll all need to pull together then to save ourselves from these sorry lots in governments..

  13. Hey Jamie, there’s something I don’t get here. If a business is looking for somewhere to place ads in order to increase its business, I would assume that a popular news outlet, paper or online such as this one, would be the smart choice. So what if some of the views expressed here tend to lean slightly to the “left”? I always thought that advertisers wanted as much exposure as possible. Do they believe that only people who support a right-wing political party buy cars and houses or anything else?

  14. Author

    Furtz I can be as partisan as the next guy, but business is always business and business always comes first with me. For example. On Canada Day our MP refused a free ad to wish our viewers Happy Canada Day. It was our first year doing it so I wanted to make sure the 3 Wise Men knew that we did in fact allow and hope that they’d continue to give notice in our paper.

    Mayor Kilger and council ran an ad as did MPP Brownell. Mr. Lauzon refused. Now I can tell you even if this paper leans to the left an awful lot of Conservatives read it.

    Who was dumb on that one? Same for Business. One of our clients stopped their account in February. As of October we still were their number one provider of web traffic for the entire year and they still refused to give us an ad. They even tried those penny papers that only put out a few thousand papers per week! I’d bet dollars to donuts it purely was about politics.

    I can tell you because of the issues created by MP Lauzon against myself and this paper it’s cost us dollars and growth. Congrats Guy on helping to hurt an organically grown small business success story in your riding. 🙂 Do you know how many of my team he’s actually told that he won’t give them an interview as long as they work for The Cornwall Free News?

    So yes, Partisan politics sadly play a role in advertising around here sometimes. Luckily there are a lot more smart business people in Cornwall than those that play silly games. As we approach our 2nd Anniversary we’re getting stronger day by day; viewer by viewer and thanks to everyone that’s allowed us to become the number two media online in Cornwall Ontario!

  15. Jamie, Guess it just goes to show that stupid people can run businesses too.
    As for Lauzon, he just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole.

  16. Author

    Naw furtz. I bet this whole wiki leaks is what’s called “disinformation”.

  17. That’s what they will call it. But judging by all the pre-release panic and spin, my guess is that most of it is good information. Nothing scares the ruling elites as much as an informed public.

  18. Dear Furtz Whatever ~~
    I’m certainly not ashamed to put my name on anything I write – dig dig – and your Real Estate comment has absolutely nothing to do with you at all – I had a contract for a year with Jamie, and both of us lived up the contract to a ‘T’ – no one is obligated to advertise forever, but you certainly would not know that, so now being informed please keep your comments to yourself respecting my business – and while you are at it, why not show a bit of class and pen your name to your comments, and stop your cowardly approach to getting your so called 15 minutes of fame at someones else’s expense….
    Note to Jamie – I believe Tom Flanagan is no longer advising the PM, and has not for a few years – he was at one time, Mr. Harper’s favourite adviser –

  19. Author

    I would agree with Mr. Gunn. He was a model customer who I was very happy to provide advertising for. We both lived up to our contract and not everyone advertises all of the time. I’m sure if he ever decides to advertise with us ever again I personally would be happy to have his custom.

    As for Tom Flanagan….well he said it on TV and he has to own it. Just like I get flack for some of the things I either say or some of our posters say here.

  20. Joe and Jamie, I apologize for suggesting that Joe might have pulled his advertising for political reasons. I was responding to Jamie’s post above regarding businesses not doing business with him for political reasons. It was then that I looked for Joe’s add, and it wasn’t there.
    Joe you are right about Flanagan and Harper. They parted company a few years ago. Flanagan’s comments about Harper’s most recent prorogation of Parliament was almost a declaration of war.

  21. Author

    Yes Furtz, I agree with you. Our Prime Minister seems to have a way of burning through friends and associates; never mind innocent bystanders and those who have the temerity to disagree with him.

  22. I support free speech up to a point. The point being violence. Flanagan needs a muzzle. If this is how he speaks to the media then how does he speak in the classroom as professor? He has apologized out of fear of being fired. His apology is not an apology at all, it is a face-saving statement which has no value, merit, or truth.
    Whatever the consequences, the damage has been done to his credibility as a respectable professor or speaker.
    Will Harper reprimand him, make a statement about him, or disassociate from him? who knows, but I have little faith in the current federal government’s ability to do the right thing.

    The best way to describe him..Open wide, insert foot here.

  23. A guy wrote a book like a thousand years ago,he stated one of the greatest feats in war is to control a country and its government without the citizens knowing.Impossible? The guy was chinese and is considered an expert on war.The real kicker is its been done to us but its not the chinese.

  24. Al, Harper and Flanagan have been on each others sh!t-list for quite some time now. Flanagan was Harper’s teacher/mentor/campaigner for many years, but he has nothing to do with the Cons or Harper now.
    Flanagan is just one of those nut-bar Reformers who helped get the party rolling back in the early 90s. Now that he’s a private citizen, what ever hateful thoughts he expresses don’t reflect on Harper. Or maybe they do… he was his guru after all.

  25. Harper and Flanagan from the same odorous stable.

  26. Sun Tzu was the Chinese warrior philosopher with the clever crowd tactics.

    A Canadian leader from a few years back, Diefenbaker, had a little success with another tactic… “find out which way the crowd is going, and get in front”.

    Harper? See which way the board of Power Corporation (for one) is going… and tag along.

  27. Isn’t it a crime to incite murder of another person? When will the police go knock on his door?

  28. Why oh why is this man part of the Canadian government ? He’s a foolish little man and whatever the consequences, the damage has been done to his credibility, he is the type of man who gives ass-holes a bum-rap !

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