A Wiki Leaks Kinda Christmas Poem from Dave White of Monkland Ontario – December 5, 2010

Cornwall ON – As a supporter of the Arts I’m always willing to give local talent our spot light.    This was submitted by Mr. Dave White from Monkland.   Enjoy!

T’ were the weeks before Christmas and all through the world
Wiki Leaks was uncovering what shouldn’ t be heard
The governments were scrambling to cover their words
Their deeds were uncovered
Their plans were unfurled
Oh my Goodness you say, what’s wrong with the world?
The writer in hiding he couldn’t be found
So now off to Switzerland and find some new ground
The CIA and FBI will turn his web down
He must be a criminal and not just a clown
But do not worry. I’ve got a new plan
If dot COM does not cut it, then dot CH is just grand
So on they went to find this lone man
The leaders were saying the “$#!+ has finally hit the fan”!
He must be a terrorist, a rapist, a fraud
This man must be stopped. This man must be caught
The Arabs were angry, the Yankees denying
The Canucks were saying “On that I will be resigning”.
Come Nixon, come Blixen, come Dasher, Come Prancer come Bush and Obama too
Come Harper, come Lauzon, come Brownell and yes, McGuinty and Kilger, yes even you
Tell us how well our governments can and will do
Then tax us to death and ask us “How well did we do”?
The answer my friends you already know
Does it rain in winter or does it snow?
We elect them on promises they never will keep
We regret that we did so, but don’t lose no sleep
They spend all our money and return only pennies
They take us for fools, like senile old ninnies
The Economic Action Plan will save us we’re told
I hope to never see another sign as I get old
It’s money well spent or so they do tell us
That’s why I am writing this poem here to Corus
For that is the way and the reason why
The politicians get by with those little white lies
But as we get ready for Santa and his herds
We forget all their misdeeds, we forget all their words
So in Afghanistan we will be a while longer
But most of our troops will be home, so here we will be stronger
A few will be left to teach the Afghanis
The others will be home to comfort their families
That was the plan or so they now say
Just read my lips and not what I said
We told you in Parliament. We told you in flyers
Why think we are now a bunch of paid liars?
We told you on TV and on radio too
Why, Guy even sent you a pamphlet or two (Lauzon)
But soon we forget what really was said
As dancers with sugar plums now fill our heads
We now think of Santa and Christmas as well
It’s time to forget, forgive and get on
An election year is coming and soon we’ll be strong
The Tories still blaming the Grits, and ‘Coalition’ too
For all that is wrong and bad in this economic zoo
That they had left us ‘just’ four years ago
It’s all their fault, or so we are told
We need to be strong, we need to be bold
Give us a majority, give us a chance!
You still have a few pennies still left in your pants
It’s only been four years we’ve been at the head
You now have less money, but you’re still not dead
We’ve given you guns, protection too
Our Bridge is now open but just a bit slow
Our word can be trusted, our deeds can be seen
No need to get angry, and no need to scream
The year will be ending, the snow on the ground
What’s one more promise broken? You need to calm down!
It’s time to make promises, it’s time to come clean
I think that next time I just may vote Green
An other minority will be hard to swallow
To tell us again more words that are hollow.
Our electricity and heating will be a bit higher
Thanks to McGuinty the biggest of Liars we now stoke the fire with fervent desire
Our cheques in the mail or so we are told
Of bribery so bad, but no it’s not old
Maybe a hundred or for families it’s three
Just a few bucks that will go down in pee
But as we go outside and write yellow words in the snow
Just a little hint that I’d like you to know
One thing that keeps us from losing our sanity
In 2012 the world is ending and so too humanity.

Merry Christmas to one and all and a Happy (last) Year in 2011

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