Truffles Burger Bar Struck By Fire – BREAKING NEWS – Cornwall Ontario – December 5, 2010 UPDATED 6 PM

photo courtesy of Chef Marc Legault

Cornwall ON – Fire stuck Truffles Burger Bar this morning at approximately 4 AM.  Residents were asked by firefighters to vacate nearby buildings as smoke poured out of the local eatery that had been one of the biggest success stories in Cornwall of 2010.

The popular restaurant had been closed.  No injuries have been reported and we’re still getting information and awaiting communication from the owners who did such an amazing job on the restaurant.

We spoke with Chef Marc Legault (Chef Le Marc) who was distraught at the fire.

We will be updating this story as more photos and information arrive.  You can email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

We’ll have the be LIVE on tonight at 7:30 PM


We just heard from Chief Cassidy and the fire is still being faught although it’s almost over.   The fire was contained to the Truffles building; although there is some fire and smoke damage to Pommier Jewellers and CAB.    The fire most likely started on the first floor and the cause will be under investigation once the scene is fully secured.

No injuries have been reported and we will keep updating as information rolls in.     Chief Cassidy is asking that people stay back from the scene while they are working for the public’s safety.

photo courtesy of Allan McGimpsey of Bicycle World

As you can see Cornwall Ontario firefighters are still making sure the fire is beaten.   Traffic is being directed away from the vicinity.

photo courtesy of Allan McGimpsey of Bicycle World

If you have any photos or video you can email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

photo courtesy Kaiti Archambault

photo courtesy Kaiti Archambault

photo courtesy Kaiti Archambault updated 3:13 PM

photo courtesy of Jamie Tessier
photo courtesy of Jamie Tessier
photos courtesy of Jamie Tessier

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  1. Wow, this is really upsetting. Keep us posted Jamie.

  2. Sad. I wanted to try that place out.

    Hopefully they get back on their feet, terrible time for something like this with the holidays around the corner.

    Thoughts go out to those affected.

  3. Wow we were just there at 10pm for dinner. The place was packed. It was a wonderful and fun addition to our downtown (finally.) I hope Dominique and her husband don’t get discourage and get it up and running again.

  4. On the spot with the news, as it happens. Cornwall is very fortunate to have Cornwall Free News.

  5. Went to dinner there last night! The food was really great and the decor was amazing. Glad no one was injured, but how awful.

  6. Hope everybody is okay and that it starts off on a better path the next time around.

  7. Very sad to see this happen to a promising enterprise. I hope they have the drive to continue the dream.The smoke was sooo strong it was in my house two blocks away .. I thought it was my house. I can understand the evacuation of the buildings close by. Glad to see noone physically hurt.

  8. I was hoping to try the kangaroo!!

  9. This sucks!
    I love this place. I hope everyone is ok.

  10. I am so sorry for the owners and staff who have put such a great effort into making a terrific Cornwall landmark. Hope that you are all OK. Cornwall will always have room for people of your caliber.

  11. Author

    Great Tribute Dave.

  12. wow, I live right across from it and we were evactuated im suprised

  13. Oh well, at least I got to try a Cajunburger last week. My heart goes out to the owners and staff.

  14. Very unfortunate thing to happen…Truffles Bar had amazing food along with a trendy decor and live entertainment! I hope they will rebuild or open elsewhere! We need this kind of bar in Cornwall! Wishing them good luck and courage!

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