Truffles to Re-Open in new location – Pommier Jewellers Open by Friday – Fire Aftermath – December 8, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Truffles Burger Bar, the restaurant at the Corner of Pitt and Second that had become a favorite eating spot to so many in such a short time will be re-opening in another location in the future.

I had the opportunity to speak with co-0wner Dominque Gilgen today.  Ms Gilgen, still shaken from the impact of the fire to the quickly popular eatery had this to say:

“Truffles will be back in another location.  I just want to thank the Fire Department and all the clean up people who have helped….and the kindness of the people of Cornwall has been amazing…”

Inspectors have not traced the cause of the fire, but have concluded their investigation.  According to André Pommier  the building most likely will have to be demolished.  The Pommier Jewellry building fared better with mostly fire and water impacting it.

I spoke with Mr. Pommier this afternoon.

“..the Clean All crew have been amazing and the store will be back open by Friday.  None of the jewellry has been damaged as it was in the vault…. and I’m so grateful to the fire department and everyone ….customers have come in with sandwiches and the community has pulled together for all of us….

Andrê made it clear that it will be business as usual for all of Pommier Jewellers customers during the busy Christmas season.

Pommier Jewellers


  1. I didn’t get the chance to visit Truffles Burger Bar. I did however hear many, many great things about the restaurant, the food and service. Look forward to visiting at the new location. One door closes…another door opens.

  2. “Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So let’s sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again!”

  3. Hi, just checked the Truffles fire photos my assistant sent to me back on December 5, 2010 and read a few related articles. What isn’t noticed is that, in addition to Pommier Jewellers, Truffles and KAB, there were three small businesses renting space above the jewellery store – Campeau Insurance, Freedom 55 / Scott Beck and my own law office. We have been left homeless, forced to remove our smaller items (no furniture, desks, chairs or file cabinets) through a fire escape and window at the back of the building.

    Thanks to Gaye Adams of the Business Improvement Association, Mr. Beck has found space above Cornwall Business Machines. She was able to find space for me at Job Zone on a temporary basis and I believe Jacques Campeau and Rick McDermid have been working out of their homes; on a happy note, my law office and probably Rick and Jacques will be setting up our respective offices above Gordon Jewellers in the New Year.

    So when you review those grey, frozen photos of the big fire, look at the six windows above Pommier Jewellers and realize there were some small businesses operating there, businesses that did not have insurance or access to the media to get their stories out to the public.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Author

    Hi Penelope,

    Everyone in Cornwall as access to the media via The Cornwall Free News as you can see by your post. Of course it was a horrible fire that affected many businesses and the whole downtown core.

    It’s good to see a shiny lining that determination and toughness helps all of us self-employed people with through good times and bad and I’m glad you posted here.

    May your 2011 be healthy, safe, prosperous, and fire free!

  5. Gaye Adams is the Queen of Cornwall, if not all of Cornwall then definitely downtown Cornwall. Maybe we should rename the DBIA Adamsville!

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