The Verdict is in on Eight Zero Zero – Our Food Review for Cornwall Ontario’s Steakhouse – December 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – I love doing food reviews especially when they take me to places like Eight Zero Zero in Cornwall Ontario! (off of the Brookdale exit from the 401)

If you’re a meat lover this is where you want to be.   If you love Filet Mignon there is no finer place for many, many miles.   I mean yes, there are some high end steak houses in Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto, but why travel all the way to those cities when Eastern Ontario has Eight Zero Zero?   Many people actually travel from some of those cities to dine at Eight Zero Zero.

Chef Ahmad Mansori and his staff understand the delicacy of a good piece of meat.   It’s important; especially in a fine dining room for expectations to be met.   Excuses are not part of a dining experience and that’s why Eight Zero Zero is so renowned.

I always like to bring a bit of a posse when I do reviews so that we can sample many of the dishes.

Chef Ahmad is a Saucier.   A Saucier is a mystical artistic form refined in France.    The sauces at Eight Zero Zero are simply what puts them in another class of dining experience.  Our appetizer of Mussels were simply amazing.  You could taste the freshness and it wasn’t drowned out, but enhanced by the world wide spices and herbs that Chef Ahmad uses like a Wizard waving his wand.

And it’s a good thing the bread is warm and fresh too at Eight Zero Zero as you want every drop of the sauce of any of their dishes.  This shrimp was simply perfect and worth having again.

The same for the Escargot.  Our appetizers had our entire table very very happy…but then came the Entrees….

I had the Lamb because my guests were having Filet and Steak and I love lamb especially when prepared well as Chef Ahmad did!   We also had a plate of grilled veggies and portobello mushrooms which really were just a perfect compliment to our meal.   My lamb was with pistachio nut flavorings.

The filet was cooked magnificently too.  Pictures can’t do the flavour any justice.   You simply have to dine at Eight Zero Zero to appreciate the food, the service, and the amazing wine list they had.   We shared a few bottles of a Masi wine; near the bottom of their price list, but still an amazing wine to match up with our entrees.

My only complaint was being able to find an evening when there was seating available.

Eight Zero Zero does a fine job with its layout.  While not a huge space, it’s laid out so that you can have a quiet meal without having noise from other tables invade your evening.

With all the staff and office parties as well as people just needing a bit of luxury during the crazy Christmas season it’s always best to make  Reservations for Eight Zero Zero.

The service was superb as well.

Our server, Bella, had a strong understanding her menu and was supportive without being invasive.

Eight Zero Zero is at 800 Cumberland in Cornwall Ontario. (East on 9th Street from Brookdale Avenue)  Parking is plentiful and free.

To call for reservations the number is (613) 936-0322.

Or you can visit them on the web.

Here are ratings for Eight Zero Zero

Presentation 4.5

Value 4.0

Service 4.5

Zing & Wow 4.5

Overall 4.5  out of 5 Red Hats

A note about our reviews.  Our reviews are based on expectations on the evenings.    If you want us to review a restaurant you can email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

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  1. Congratulations Jamie for a great review on 800. It’s quite plain to see that you are passionate about what you eat. The way you tell it almost lets us taste it and the photo’s are fabulous. You get 5 Red Hats in my book!

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