Michael Moore to Bail out Wiki Leaks Julian Assange – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – December 15, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Julian Assange is still in jail pending bail which was posted by filmmaker Michael Moore.  Yes, that Michael Moore.    Mr. Assange is considered enemy number one in the US and many places, but the plot is thickening.

People talk about nuclear weapons, but the pen is mightier than the sword.  It always has been and always will which is why so many that employ it have been targeted around the world.

I’m still not personally sure what to make of Mr. Assange and his group.     I’m not sure they are truly revolutionaries out to accomplish some betterment and accountability or simply an extension of a government intelligence agency simply changing the balance of how the world works.

For example, like 911 I can see that this whole Wikileaks leading to iron grips on the internet, who can use it and how.

At the turn of the previous century the ability for people to hop on boats and travel more freely instigated the passport system.  With the internet being wide open with people able to communicate with each other without many “borders” there are people who get upset.

Why even here in Cornwall Ontario there are many who would be quite happy to see us shut down simply because we print certain positions that aren’t happy with certain cliques.

Knowledge is power.   Information is knowledge and understanding how to use information can be a truly wonderful thing or a hurtful thing.

If Wikileaks is the real deal and most days I tend to think it is then is the crime Mr. Assange revealing these secrets or the realities that we’re all essentially living lies perpetuated by individuals in certain governments?   Maybe there should be less secrets?

Jamie Gilcig – Editor

The Cornwall Free News

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  1. We need Julian Assange here in Cornwall to let us know whats going on around us, like whats Guy Lauzon up to or the City Council or whatever. Michael Moore rocks!

  2. Right on Michael Moore, just the person to do it too! 😀

    It will be interesting to see what happens from all this, I am sure, as Ive read on reports of Julian Assange, that if anyone tries to pull any crap on him, or if he goes down, the juiciest of stuff is set to be released.. 🙂

    Again, like Janet Asselay (or whatever) of the CAPP came out gun’s swinging like the US government officials among other countries did over Assange, over Richards little posting about the way things seem to be in the petroleum industry, then I can only imagine what would be released there that would cause major countries to cry..

  3. cheers to Michael Moore, but I would hardly compare what they do to what Asselay said. You all need to be careful anout this big oil news.

    How many people really know what is going on in Fort Mac? Ripping the earth apart is sensationalizing things somewhat.

    Does anyone know how they extract gold? or other precious metals?

    Oil is easy to target because it ib tossed in your face and in many cases not quid pro quo to the actual facts

  4. Not trying to compare Janet to the US government or Tom Flanagan for example.. but she came out guns a blazin calling Richard a terrorist just as the US government and Tom Flanagan came out guns a blazin and calling for the head of Julian Assange.. Thats all.. again, when one comes out guns a blazin instead of keeping their head and coming out with a valid explanation, things have to be questioned…

  5. Oh, and one more thing? what do we need to be careful about big oil for? Will they come out calling for our heads too? a walk off a cliff somewhere perhaps or a sudden accident?

  6. Author

    I stay away from “Cliffs” 😉

  7. conspiracy theory is an easy excuse andyou can slander snd spite them all you want.

    Until you sell your car find an alternative solution to the energy crisis , if it really exists, and provide viable options yourself you are no different then those you condem.

  8. I condemn no one except for the actions they portray. She came out guns a blazin, not I.. she could have used the opportunity to better explain rather than her actions she proceeded with.. thats all..

  9. So deos Richard, a lil more discrete but with the same intent. She has nothing to explain, in Canada you are innocent til proven guilty. It s not only a judicial standard but applicable to any accusations made by people

  10. “in Canada you are innocent til proven guilty.”

    Not if C-36 passes..

  11. Grimalot
    Do you consistently hear the twilight zone theme in your head???

  12. Everything gets weird. Then it gets weirder. What next? I’m scared to lift up a rock and look.

  13. Good of you to point that out smee. I think Grimalot’ last name is Serling, hence the Twilight Zone theme.

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