Are Firefighters Smarter Than Artists in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – March 30, 2015


CORNWALL Ontario – There may be something that artists in Cornwall Ontario can learn from Firefighters.    The charade that has been this year’s budget committee has given lip service to cutting taxes. With half of council having signed a pledge to do so it seems the only things cut were the arts which are essentially lip service as the More...

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Would You Vote for an Independent Candidate for MP? by Jamie Gilcig – MARCH 29, 2015

CFN –  Here in Cornwall Bernadette Clement announced that she will be attempting to be the candidate for MP in the 2015 election. There’s been a lot of chatter, but one question that keeps coming up More...

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Minimum Incomes Instead of Minimum Wage by Jamie Gilcig – MARCH 24, 2015

CFN –   I own a small business.   Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne just raised minimum wage which essentially is a big fat tax grab. It’s already been seen in studies that Minimum Wage kills jobs.  It More...

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Leak & Cover Up at CCPS headquarters in Cornwall Ontario? Chief Parkinson Refuses to Answer Questions MARCH 19, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s not easy at the top.    Cornwall Community Police Chief granted an interview to the lowly Todd Lihou at the Seaway News. Todd gets lots of police news; perhaps because one of More...

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How Political is the Karl Walsh RCMP Investigation? By Jamie Gilcig MARCH 16, 2015

CFN – Fascinating.   Looking at the search warrants laid against now former OPPA President Karl Walsh an alleged potential money trail leads to distant lands where banking is a bit friendlier than here in More...

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Conrad Black: A Navy Rebuilt, The Criminal Code & Mike Duffy MARCH 15, 2015

The federal government deserves credit for unveiling its plans for regeneration of Canada’s long-shrinking navy. Seven years have passed, inexplicably and expensively in terms of ultimate cost, since the prime More...

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Cornwall Ontario Budget Committee Bad Theatre by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 14,2015 #cwlpoli #tagca

CORNWALL Ontario –  The Seaway News editor Todd Lihou was all goo goo over praise given to the paper along with The Freeholder and Cornwall Newswatch. He doesn’t  get why they get that praise.  During More...

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Grumpy Old Men Lead Charge to Kill Arts Funding in Cornwall Ontario Budget Hearings by Jamie Gilcig – MARCH 10, 2015

CFN – Claude McIntosh & Andre Rivette led the charge against Art funding at the Budget Committee meeting Monday.    Groups had ten minutes only to sing for their supper with some follow up questions More...

Mel n Fitzy March 8 2015
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Spring, a Time for Change & Saying Goodbye to Those We Love by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 8, 2015

CFN – Time can make things surreal.   The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.   My beloved Rottie, Melly, turned 14 in January after having  cancer surgery to remove a fast growing mass. Fourteen is ancient More...

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Kathleen Wynne’s Sex Ed Legislation? Positive Change or Bullying by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 2, 2015

CFN – Sexual Education for Ontario students has been a hot button topic recently in the media.    Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, who is a former Education Minister and is openly gay, has been getting and More...