Will the Blood of Cpl Nathan Cirillo be in Vain After Shooting in Ottawa by Jamie Gilcig OCT 22, 2014 #harper

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CFN – Today was a dark day in Canadian history.   A man (or men) killed one of our brave Canadian soldiers.   The second this week.   Why is this happening?   Politics.   There are people dying in wars all over the world.  In particular the Middle East.  Far more than we have lost today. Canada once had a great tradition of being the World’s More...

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By admin On Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Not a Single Vote for Incumbents in Cornwall After Latest Whistle Blower by Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL Ontario – There are 12 people that owe the truth to the people of Cornwall.   Bob Kilger, Elaine MacDonald, Syd Gardiner, Maurice Dupelle, Andre Rivette, Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Denis Carr, Denis More...

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By admin On Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Do Police & Crown Attorney’s Get Legal Breaks That Citizens Don’t in Canada? Is Justice Truly Blind? By Jamie Gilcig

CFN – In this day and age of social media we become more aware of how uneven justice can be.  While Justice is supposed to be blind; it also is meant to be evenly applied; but it looks like that may not be More...

By admin On Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Frost Flees Library Debate – I Rocked It Even Though TC Media Won’t Cover it by Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL Ontario – It is a popularity contest, isn’t it? I had the funniest chat with a former mayor of Cornwall at the Library event Monday night.    I had previously watched this gentleman have a More...

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By admin On Saturday, September 20th, 2014
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Shell Shocked From Cornwall Ontario as More Bob Kilger Council Scandals Released by Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL Ontario – So I was asked by someone on my election team how I could cover Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s  campaign kick off event last night seeing as I am running against him and Mayor Kilger More...

By admin On Monday, September 15th, 2014

Todd Lihou TC Media Editor in Cornwall Playing Dirty Tricks at Election Time in Cornwall Ontario

CORNWALL Ontario – That wacky Todd Lihou, pictured left, must’ve missed a few classes at J school or simply is ignoring certain principles of traditional journalism? CFN is a Gonzo journal so we do have More...

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Losing a Life Long Pet is Never Easy by Jamie Gilcig – September 11, 2014

CFN – Having a pet die for some is like losing a child.   While I’m not trying to directly compare the emotional crush, it  can be devastating. This past month I have had three friends, or two friends More...

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TC Media Editor Making it Personal in Cornwall Over Glens Poppy Defacing Supporting H Lt Colonel Jim Brownell

CORNWALL Ontario – Politics has been compared to war in some ways; but sometimes it’s just petty and sometimes it’s just personal. Maybe it’s because The Seaway News is the number three media More...

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Should Public Sector Worker’s Wages Have a Ceiling by Jamie Gilcig – POLL Sept 1, 2014

CFN – Today is Labour Day and I just read about the Toronto Star cutting jobs.   Of course they are getting flak from Unions; but there is a certain reality that we as a society are facing. 2% or cost of More...

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1St Degree Kidnapping & Now Sexual Assault of Amish Girls for Stephen Howells Jr & Nicole Vaisey

CFN – The story of the two monsters who abducted two young girls and now we are finding out sexually abused the 7 and 12 year olds is a flash point. It’s time to think hard about how to deal with people More...