70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz as the UCDSB Continues Swastika Lawsuit in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JAN 27, 2015


CORNWALL Ontario – Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.   Over 1,000,000 Jews walked through its gates with only  thousands walking out on this day.    I live in a city of 46,000 people.  It would be like 35,000 simply vanishing. A group of survivors are attending an event there More...

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Hugo Rodrigues Here Are Some Truths About Bilinguaism in Canada by Jamie Gilcig JAN 25, 2015

CFN – Hugo Rodrigues, editor of the Standard Freeholder and President of the CAJ, recently wrote an article about bilingualism. I am a refugee of Quebec.   I left, and most likely will never return simply More...

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Conrad Black: Radical Islam poses a real, direct threat to the West — including Canada JAN 24, 2015

CFN – It is distressing to witness the waffling and quibbling in both federal opposition parties over Canada’s contribution to the anti-terrorist effort in the Middle East, and even more depressing to note More...

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Tammy Hart & South Stormont Council Retreat on Banning Cameras in Open Council Meetings by Jamie Gilcig

CFN – Tammy Hart and her very odd council in South Stormont appear to be in retreat after humiliating the township, again. In an act of truly boggling weirdness she and her council initiated discussion in More...

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Robert Brock Frost Honoured With Most Committee Seats in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JAN 13, 2015

People’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario – Monday night the Great Council of the People’s Republic of Cornwall Ontario decreed that honorable Councilor Brock Fraud Frost most honoured status as he More...

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TAG in Cornwall is Our Arts Centre by Jamie Gilcig – JAN 10, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario – This has been a very interesting week.   I am now a member of the board of TAG (The Art Gallery) here in Cornwall. During the municipal election a lot of noise was made about having an More...

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Je ne suis pas Charlie by Jamie Gilcig #charliehebdo #jesuischarlie JAN 9, 2015

CFN – No, I am not Charlie.  I am not a hero nor a coward.  I am a struggling journalist that works in a world where the poor do not get served legally, and are rarely if ever protected; at least compared More...

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The CFN $100,000 Cornwall Challenge for 2015 CLICK FOR DETAILS

CFN represents an interesting cross roads in journalism. Is news different than entertainment? Has the news become too corporate? Are media outlets too afraid to report news for fear of losing clients? Can you More...

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My Thoughts on Medical Marijauna After Federal Appeal Loss by Jamie Gilcig DEC 16, 2014

CFN – Marijuana is a cash crop and not a small one; especially here in Canada.   The war on drugs has failed at just about every level.   It doesn’t really deter.  It costs society billions.   Essentially More...

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Why Editor Todd Lihou (TC MEDIA) Should Not be Working in Journalism Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL Ontario –  I remember when Todd was  a nice guy.  I really do.  At least on the surface, but choking on exhaust from other media seems to have got the worst of him or it’s been having to More...