Low Voter Turnout in 2022 Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election Leads to Limp Roster Slate. By Jamie Gilcig

October 25, 2022 – I was asked by many viewers why we didn’t do more coverage about this election. Frankly there wasn’t much to cover. Almost none of those running actually had any real grasp of being in office or how media work. None of the candidates really had solutions to the grave issues facing Cornwall. The few who had a few inklings don’t appear to have the tools or ability to actually make those ideas real.

Cornwall is a city run by a block of those who earn a lot of money there. Mostly it’s the organized labour block which is how an old criminal like Elaine Macdonald keeps getting elected. Then there is the machine at City Hall. For example Mark Boileau has pulled down almost $2M in earnings over the last decade. I would defy anyone to show that he’s created any true value for taxpayers during that time.

City Hall seems to like this. City workers love it. So Elaine and her cronies get voted in as a block while voter turnout crumbles, and the city’s finances get worse.

Housing is now more expensive than in Ottawa without any real benefits. Crime is up. Small business is suffering. Try getting business or building permits in the city without issue. Medical care is in crisis with clinics closing and higher wait times. Garbage limits, water meters. Filth, graffiti. Cornwall isn’t really any fun to live in. It’s was a good place to commute from. Now not so much. And yes, a police force that needs a real review and consideration for switching to the OPP.

There are real issues which elections give the public a chance to fix. But when a city doesn’t really promote an election, and media stay silent for fear of losing revenue from the city, people become unaware. Or worse, they’re aware of the canards that get floated to them via the city and their cronies.

Voter turnout was down approximately 19% from 2018. That’s not a small amount.

This block elected a mayor that may still live with his parents and couldn’t afford a house in Cornwall on his known income, and had his election party at a business that he was/is a partner of. Most elected to council couldn’t afford to buy a home in Cornwall in 2022.

As the old saying goes “You get the government you deserve.”

And in 2022, you get the media coverage you deserve. If you don’t support media outlets they can’t support you.

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