Inquiry to Ottawa Domestic Terrorism Occupation Clearly Shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Cleaned Up Ontario Premier Ford Failure. #cdnpoli By Jamie Gilcig

October 25, 2022 – The newsies are buried deep into this inquiry about what happened in Ottawa this Winter when our National Capital was occupied by gangs of thugs and criminals.

Ottawa failed to prevent or resolve the issue which may have led to mayor Jim Watson deciding not to run again and the removal of OPS Police Chief Peter Sloly who was an utter failure at basic policing.

Police, politicians, and many of us in the media knew what was coming. Foreign fuelled agitators were catching fire with many Canadians who were truly frustrated with Covid protocols, but ultimately this was about usurping a Democratically elected government.

When Ottawa failed the buck stopped with Ontario Premier Doug Ford who has a province wide police service available to him. Clearly he failed to help Ottawa, but he’s also failed at other illegal actions like the First Nations blockades and attacks on our rail infrastructure that occurred just before Covid.

We now are learning that Premier Ford essentially has refused to participate in the inquiry.

What we do know is that after Prime Minister Trudeau stepped in and issued emergency decrees tow trucks showed up. Police (many from Quebec ironically) showed up. And the protesters were pushed out. Not enough of them were charged by police.

For the people of Ottawa the loss and fear put upon them is something many will remember for generations. It was a world wide embarrassment. Can you imagine this happening in Washington? London? Paris?

While freedom to protest is and should be entrenched, what happened in Ottawa had nothing to do with Freedom. It was not endorsed by the majority of Truckers or their associations. It certainly didn’t respect the freedom of those living near the terrorism acts.

What we do know, and we as Canadians truly do need to have in inquiry is who paid truckers $25,000 to park in our Nation’s Capital as some have been seen on video stating. How much of those frozen funds actually came from Canadians for from foreign nationals.

We need to know how inept and cowardly Premier Doug Ford is. He needs to be held accountable as do each and every domestic terrorist that organized and played a role in the debacle that occurred in our Nation’s Capital.


  1. Ironically, Doug Ford, is running the provincial legislature (aka… Queen’s Park, where Ontario laws are written), ironic because he wouldn’t recognize the concept of law if it bit him in the erse — which it may yet do.

    And irony of ironies, he’s unwilling to testify (as he is legally required to), at the Emergencies Act inquiry — his lawyers contend that forcing him to testify “would cause “irreparable harm” to the rule of law”.

    These dumb bunnies at Queens Park don’t understand that the ‘rule of law’ means no person is above the law … all persons, institutions and entities, public and private … are accountable to law.

    With their “bass ackwards” understanding of law, little wonder Ford’s posse thinks to:
    – overrule our constitution to cover their butts
    – overrule collective bargaining to impose a contract on 55,000 education workers and block them from striking
    – overrule municipal governments elected by millions and millions of Ontarians to carry out the safe and orderly urban planning, by handing this plum to underhanded friends and family.

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