Net Neutrality a Slippery Slope to The West Imitating China – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – December 20, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Net Neutrality.    How many of us are familiar as to what that means?   People don’t even think about the net as they pop on and google strange and odd things or look up info.

The net is a part of our every day life.   In Finland for instance Broadband internet service is considered a right and in most European cities WiFi rules the day.

Unless you’re in China or certain states that have restrictions on freedom of communication the net is simply something the last generation grew up in.

Wiki Leaks is tilting the balance in the war to keep the net “Neutral” or free of clear government control.

The main issue is of  course the USA.   If the USA passes dark age laws that could give their government China like controls over the net and how it works it will effect the entire world.

And who is there to advocate for countries like Canada and others?   The net, like the environment is essentially something that impacts all of us.  Great big dust clouds from China full of pollution can swirl across the Pacific ocean and impact our lives here in Canada.


Neutrality proponents claim that telecom companies seek to impose a tiered service model in order to control the pipeline and thereby remove competition, create artificial scarcity, and oblige subscribers to buy their otherwise uncompetitive services. Many believe net neutrality to be primarily important as a preservation of current freedoms.[4] Vinton Cerf, considered a “father of the Internet” and co-inventor of the Internet Protocol, Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Web, and many others have spoken out in favor of network neutrality.[

Well restrictions, censorship, or a multitude of other hurdles no matter what the cause will impact our ability to work and live on the internet.   This age we live in most likely will come to an end shortly; especially after Wiki Leaks which in the end mostly likely be the Reichstag fire for the Internet or the fuse that lights the ability for forces to control the content that we can create or enjoy.

Scary days indeed…..

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  1. Clamp down on freedom of speech, and then… back to book burning.

    And may I add that there has been a great deal said against wikileaks by, of all groups, the news media. But maybe this should not come as a surprise.

    It seems that wikileaks is viewed as an anarchic sort of news source, spewing raw stories and information that is left for the public to sort out for themselves, using their own brains and critical thinking skills.

    This is stepping on the toes of mainstream media that suck on the teat of Queens Park, Parliament Hill, and every City Hall between, begging for press releases and public relations promos that they can re-write into pseudo-news.

    In the end, we have a media abdicating responsibility and deserting us; we the people that have a little more democracy stripped from us every day. Meanwhile a lazy news media prefers to lend credibility and celebrity to the hogs that purport to represent us in government; the self serving egotists — or trash, acting like elitists — peddling agendas for their own profit.

    Canadians are overfed with lies, manipulation, and obfuscation.

    A neutral net, and a forum for cranks and ravers, beats the media status quo any day.

  2. Further to… “media that suck on the teat of Queens Park, Parliament Hill, and every City Hall between, begging for press releases and public relations promos that they can re-write into pseudo-news.”

    In the United States the media is reporting the contents of classified State Department cables (leaked by WikiLeaks) as being true although they were actually lies and disinformation manufactured to mislead government. In effect the media totally missed the whole point, by perpetuating the lie.
    ( )

    The mainstream media in Cornwall (e.g. S-F and 104.5) are equally lazy… afterall when did they ever report the law officer that got suspended for brawling in public with his cocaine dealer, rather than being fired for letting the dealer regularly pass customs unhindered, or the one that fired a toy pistol in the face of an Ahwkwesahsne resident.

  3. Well if they did report stuff like that, like this paper does, then they’d suddenly be out of financial support because no one would want to advertise with them as they are not part of a political party (card carrying member of the cons for one, as Jamie has been asked to become to gain some advertisement), let alone to actually honestly report news in an accurate way..

    Unfortunately, they’ll get blackballed like Jamie has if they act the same, so instead, they sit there saying they are the credible media outlets and point fingers at Jamie and attempt to discredit him any chance they get, because Jamie thinks, and acts, outside of the box when it comes to reporting real news..

    Just as another example, how many times has the Guy Lauzon vid with Guy threatening Jamie with the might of the Minister of Justice actually been viewed and commented on? Not overly that much if you think about it.. maybe people just don’t care.. but Id be very ticked if my MP came at me with a threat like that.. but it was reported in Borque.. thats it.. nowhere else.. not in any major paper, etc.. is the media bought out or manipulated, damned right it is.. and at least Jamie won’t let his integrity be bought out by anyone.. like idiots trying to make him join the Cons just to get some advertising as stated above…

  4. Author

    Grimalot my integrity is for sale. It’s just really really expensive 😉

    Merry Christmas to you and all of my favorite posters here on The Cornwall Free News. I still want to have a party if some of you would step out of the shadows for a few holiday bevvies.

  5. perhaps.. will let you know Jamie.. Otherwise Im sure your integrity doesn’t go for as cheap as having to pay to join the cons only to get a few grand advertising.. 😉

    Don’t sell out, I hope you never do.. there aren’t many avenues for more truthful and accurate reporting these days.. If I wanted to read and post on a rag, Id go to S-F or some other page.. there are reasons I enjoy these reporting’s and stories here..

  6. Jamie, If you’re buying I’ll become anonymous for the day.

  7. Lets put together something Jamie.

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