Shopping at Home for the Holidays is the Way to Go! Keep it Local this Christmas – Cornwall Ontario – December 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – So I learned a valuable lesson about shopping this weekend.  I, like many guys my age hate shopping.   My wife and friends wanted to go to Costco this weekend.     Making a day of it I agreed to take the afternoon off and went for the road trip.

It was fun, except the shopping part.  I really don’t like Big Box shopping.  I guess that’s my bias.   I know some people are devoted to Costco and if it hadn’t been as packed I might’ve enjoyed it more.

I decided to make an electronics purchase for Christmas.   I picked out a Camera and had to scribble down the info on a sheet of paper and sit through the cash.   As we were trying to be stealthy we snuck to the cash while my wife was still shopping and paid for the purchase.

At Costco (or at least this Costco on Cyrville Road)  you have to pick up your electronic’s purchase as you leave.   And that’s what I did as we were all leaving.  Snuck off to pick up the camera.

Only the camera was out of stock!    And of course they couldn’t refund or let me buy another one at the pick up spot.

The sheepish employee explained that we had to go through the process all again or go and stand in line for a refund.

That’s not fun.  Nope.  It’s just not.   What made it truly special was that the register malfunctioned and even once they fixed it they couldn’t refund my debit card, and had to do a cash refund.

When I got back to Cornwall, the next day I still wanted to buy a Digital Camera so I went to JL Computers here on Pitt Street, and ended up not only buying a camera, but also a few other baubles.

When I drive down Brookdale and see that Big Box store that I boycott, Walmart, with a full parking lot I just shake my head.   There are some great retailers here in Cornwall; with product knowledge and a willingness to help, and you don’t end up feeling like meat running through abattoir aisles or have to park six city blocks away. (although the exercise is good for you)

I know I can’t find everything I want locally and yes, I’ll buy online if I can’t find something here or competitively priced ( I use the 25% rule) but for me this year I’m proud that I’ve done most of my holiday shopping close to home and not made a single purchase from that big box store on Brookdale.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Everyone at The Cornwall Free News &!

Buy Local, Spend Local, and of course, Advertise Local!

please visit some of our fine local merchants and businesses:

Best Western Cornwall

Eight Zero Zero


Coffeys Coffee

Gault Family Chiropractic

Bobs Vac

Island Ink Jet


JL Computers

Pommier Jewellers

Pommier Jewellers

Lauras Flowers and Fine Gifts

James Moak

Moustache Joes

KAV Productions

Scott Beck

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  1. Talking about shopping at home…received a lovely gift boxed piece of Balderson 5 year aged Canadian Cheddar. I love a Made in Canada gift…music to my ears. Address on box, Balderson Cheese Co., Winchester, Ontario K0C 2K0 Wonderful product, made close to home, supporting our local economy and S.D.&G. farmers.

  2. Let’s not forget about locally roasted coffee as well!

  3. Purchased a wonderful ensemble today in Downtown Cornwall. Stephanies service was courteous and most helpful and I truly look forward to sporting my new MADE IN CANADA ladies wear tomorrow evening with family and friends.

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