2010 – Our Year in the News – VIDEO – Cornwall Free News & Seawayradio.com Look back at a great year! Drive Safe – Party Safe, and Happy 2011!

Cornwall ON – Wow!  That first decade of the new millennium went really fast!

We’re about to bring in 2011 and it’s coming in with lots of rain, in January, in The Great White North.

Of course Climate change is a myth.  Not!  I can’t remember a winter in this area having 7 degree temperatures and rain this time of the year??  Can you?

So was 2010 good to you?  It was to us in many ways.   As a small business just surviving is a good thing.    We’ve grown and prospered ahead of schedule.

Things can be better, but I feel so grateful to all of our viewers and all of our sponsors.   Thank you for giving me and everyone at The Cornwall Free News and Seawayradio.com the opportunity to serve you.

So I’m going through some of the highlights from our pages over the last year and am going to print links to some of the stories that you viewed here in 2010!

Just click any of the highlighted links to go to the stories.


The Nick Rizutto murder and funeral drew a lot of INTEREST.

Wikipedia announcing Rush Limbaugh’s demise was good for a giggle, unless you were Rush..

Mark MacDonald announcing that if runs for Mayor it will be to win way back in January.

Security Guard Logan Grant was surprised by Ciggy Smugglers. Tom Manley of Homestead Organics hosted an amazing 100 Mile Dinner in January.

One of my favorite Editorials Comparing concepts from the movie Blade Runner to the concept of “Self.” Our MP offers a feeble explanation for Proroguing of Parliament.

Pommier Jewellers

André Pommier was proud to reach the $40,000 mark from sales of their Pewter Angels on behalf of the United Way locally in Cornwall.

Liberal hopeful Bernadette Clement talks about proroguing also.  I wrote this Editorial when I still had some hope for Michael Ignatieff or Mr. Dud as I like to call him now.

Jayhaed Saade made the news with his Pirate radio station, which was eventually shut down. Ashley Greene’s body painting shots heated up the winter with her spread for Sobe Tea.

Georges Laracque, now deputy leader for the Green Party of Canada ended his NHL Career with the Habs.

Toyota had  millions of  vehicles recalled including ours!


Tim Hudak made one of his many visits to Cornwall in 2010.   He’s one of the few Conservative Politicians to be gracious and professional with us as opposed as the Federal hoodlums!


Russell Williams is charged with a double murder which eventually show a lot more at hand.  Toronto mayoralty candidate Adam Giambrone caught cheating on his girl!

Cornwall Medical student Vanessa Carter started her series “On Call” with us.    Seawayradio.com had its first test! Canadian Women’s Hockey Win Gold!

Chile was rocked by an 8.8 Earthquake.

JL Computers


Jeff Bridges won the Oscar for Best Actor in Crazy Heart.  Corey Haim was found dead at 38.  Cornwall Merchants fought back and shut down CAF Technologies.  Helena Guergis aide busted for posting online with a pseudonym.   Sue Cleaver of Coronation Street busted for DUI.


Ontario cuts costs on Generic drugs outraging pharmacists.  Chinese boy causes wow on Youtube with renditions of Whitney Houston songs.    Avatar director James Cameron on The Alberta Oil Sands.   Archie Comics unveil Gay character.   Corus radio in Cornwall plays bias and muzzles interview with Provincial Revenue Minister John Wilkinson.

Uber Geek Poster Girl Olivia Munn gets nekkid for Peta.   The Habs take out Pittsburgh on their quest for the Stanley Cup!

I had a fun time with Graham Greer and Kevin Lamoureux of KAV Productions at Beau’s Brewery in April!


Gilles Latour and Mayor Kilger present Max Keeping with the Key to Cornwall at the Annual AGM.



MP Helena Guergis tossed from Conservative Caucus.  Fire Strikes former Domtar site.  

Stephen Paul Boone caused a debate about STDs.  MP Rob Nicholson signs extradition order for Prince of Pot, Marc Emery.

Chris Savard Kicked off Lift Off 2010


Air India 737 crashes killing over 150.    Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson caught attempting to sell Royal influence.

Gary Samler attempts to raise awareness of the homeless in Cornwall Ontario


Gary Coleman dies at 42.  One Year Anniversary of the Seaway International Bridge Crisis.

Bicylce World Best Western Cornwall Schnitzels

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