Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – An earth friendly solution for Feminine Protection – January 3, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Menstruation is a natural cycle which many women look after by using products which put incredible demands on our land fills.
Millions of tampons and pads are used each and every day in the developing world.  Added to this is the fact that most of these products incorporate plastic in their packaging and use toxic chemicals to whiten up the product.  Women can lighten the demands put on our land fills and their own pocket books by using menstrual cups and/or reusable pads.
Reusable pad and pantiliners are also available for people experiencing incontinence challenges.  I found several sites on line which offered these eco-friendly solutions.  You may also source such products at your local health food or environmental store.  I was left wondering why these products are not easily accessible in our drugstores?  Perhaps it doesn’t generate enough profit…I guess they want us back month after month to spend more money?  This could easily account for a $5.00 to $10.00 expense monthly rather than a one time expense of about $35.00, which would equate to about 30 cents a month.  What a difference!

Menstrual cups differ from the conventional one time use product in that they can be used over and over again for years. Depending on how the cup is used and maintained, it is reputed to have a life span of up to ten years.  It has been my experience that convenience often equates to my saving personal time with lots of garbage destined for the land fill in the process.   Think of the savings to your pocketbook and of our resources.

This product differs in that it collects menstrual blood rather than absorbing it.  These cups may also be paired with reusable pads for those with heavier flows. Information and video ‘how to’s are easily accessible on line for those interested in looking at these options.  One website I visited offered a three month, satisfaction or money back guarantee.

The cup is made of natural gum rubber and for those women with latex allergies a medical grade silicon model is available.  Reusable/washable pantiliners are also available for those preferring a pad option or for lighter days. The reusable pads are also available with organic underwear in various designs; bikini, French cut etc., to accommodate the use of the pads.

Using and maintaining the cup in your ‘day to day’ will require a little getting used to as any new method of working would require, however the benefits to your pocket book and to our world are well worth the little extra effort.  The cups can be worn for hours and can accommodate heavy and light flows.  The adjectives used when describing the use of the menstrual cup on line were…

Healthy, Hygienic, Convenient, Reliable, Economical and environmentally friendly.  F.Y.I…there are various online groups which can help in answering questions about using these products. Feel free to check for starters.  My investigation has revealed that many women research then try the cup and never look back.

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