Behind Closed Doors – Have The Politics of the Boudoir Invaded Public Office too Much? – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig- January 8, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Media spin is a very interesting subject.  You could take university level courses on how to spin stories….or not spin a story.

Leave out a name, add a name, timing; there are so many facets to how to communicate with the public.

A lot of media wags are buzzing over whether or not Mr. Harper’s marriage is in tatters or not.    Personally I don’t really care.   To me it’s their biz and not mine, although I certainly appreciate the position that if a couple like the Harper’s are not together and sending off Christmas cards like the one on the left it could be considered a tad ingenious, but again, so what?

Do people really believe Bill & Hilary Clinton were the tightest couple or that Monica was Bill’s only extra curricular fling?   And look at how Bill was crucified over that while rumours suggested that his Republican predecessor had his own long time mistress?

Here in Cornwall there’s one local politico who has said that they could not run because of their own changes of family life.   Vic Toews career path looks to be on the downhill after his newly birthed child, and why is one MP is so afraid to come out of the closet?   Isn’t this MP living a lie to the public; especially in their position and in the party they belong to?  It’s not like they aren’t hard working or talented, but would coming out of the closet end their role or really risk them losing their seat?  It sure hasn’t hurt Scott Brison.  Why not this Conservative MP?

Nobody really doubts or would be surprised that politicians lie.  This whole sanctimonious game about catching people out is silly.    Someone having to resign from public office over a personal issue is about as silly as not letting good people have jobs because they are not bilingual at skill levels native speakers of the tongue can’t pass.

Let good people do good work and our country will be a better place.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. My personal feelings of disslike for Harper aside. It doesn’t matter what the state of a politicians personal life is in as long as it does not affect the job there doing. If the distraction of a failed marriage or other personal issues start affecting the job however it may be wise to step aside until matters are resolved. When you get to that level in politics you need to remember what is best for the country.

  2. In this age of hyper-partisan politics, or should I say Harper-partisan politics, it doesn’t matter about the country. It’s all about the party baby. And now we have Julian Fantino as the Minister of State for Seniors to implement Harper’s “Get Tough On Seniors” policy.

  3. What happens behind closed doors…my ashtray is behind closed doors. If the nation will stay out of my ashtray I will stay out of the nation’s bedroom. Until then, the politicians can live like hunted dogs.

  4. Pal Of God that is sound logic. I would like to add should you become ill while filling your ashtray, please keep out of my healthcare

  5. Put it this way, admin: If Harper behaves in private anything like the way he behaves in public, God help his marriage.

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