Habs Blow 4-0 LEAD vs Calgary PK Subban Scores Winner in OT! – Chara Notches Hat Trick as Boston Destroys Carolina 7-0 NHL SCORES January 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Montreal needed OT after blowing a 4 goal lead to defeat the Calgary Flames at the Bell Centre .    PK Subban scored the winner after a nifty play by Scott Gomez.   It was actually 4-0, but Calgary remembered Alex Auld was in nets for Montreal and two quick goals ensued.

It’s real simple.  You want to play in the other guys ends.  You get more shots, more goals and draw more penalties.   You want to spend as little time in your zone when Alex Auld is in net.

So that picture on the left is of Georges Vezina.   Now that was a goalie.  They named a trophy after him.

As I watch this Montreal team of 2011 play I see some very good things.  I see PK Subban and I get excited.   He pulled a defensive gem out of the air in the 2nd period that truly was stunning.

I like some of the grittiness of the vets and I like the play off mettle of this club.  It still needs some toughness and sand paper.  And to win the cup this year; if Pierre Gauthier is serious, I think a Goaltending maneuver is needed.

Alex Auld in Detroit sorta kinda works.  Alex Auld on this team, with the injuries it has; not as well.   If anything happens to Carey Price is Alex Auld going to win a key game for you?   I just don’t know; well I have a hunch, but I don’t want to be mean.

I appreciate coach Martin’s loyalty to some players going back to the last century in Ottawa, but this is Hockey in Montreal.  Nothing but the Stanley Cup is acceptable and hopefully Pierre Gauthier and Mr. Molson understand that.

The Montreal Canadiens are the New York Yankees of Hockey.  The team you love to hate.  The team you expect to always be there at cup time.   Different ownerships and managements have lost site of that.   No easy task and lots of pressure, but if you want to be connected to the Habs, or the Yankees you have to respect the history and magic of these franchises.

And if you buy all that then you can see which players need to be moved out and the magic and trick for Habs management is finding the right pieces to make the puzzle work and give people something to party about in the Spring besides maybe a Grand Prix returning to Montreal.

In other NHL scores Zdeno Chara notched a hat trick and Boston utterly destroyed Carolina 7-0.   Marty Brodeur and the Devils picked up a 5-2 win against the hot Islanders; and San Jose doubled Phoenix 4-2.

Atlanta defeated Florida OT 3-2 and Dallas nipped LA 2-1.

What do you think Hockey fans.  Who’s going to get moved as the All Star break approaches and do you think teams will wait back and hold off making moves to save on the cap and risk losing the best assets available?


  1. Jamie,

    As a former major media hockey columnist, I have to say your Habs-Flames game account and header (habs BLOW 4-goal lead) are original, enjoyable and just a tad quirky!

  2. It is now obvious that PK has no respect for the Calgary Flames! He’s one bad boy! Maybe he should be banished from the Habs….just like Halak!!!!!!!!!

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