The Green Hornet – On Reg Coffey’s Old Tyme Radio Show – – Wednesday January 19, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – If it’s Wednesday night it’s time for Reg Coffey’s Old Tyme Radio show.   While Seth Rogen’s new Green Hornet movie rolls out, Reg brings you two episodes of the Green Hornet from the Golden age of radio!

Sit back, drink some fine Coffey’s Coffee and enjoy Reg’s brand of eclectic music, chat, and of course episodes of some of the finest radio drama from yesteryear!

This week Reg is playing:

The Green Hornet – George Havens Escape

The Green Hornet – Escape for Revenge

Exploring Tomorrow – Telepathic

Click the image on the left or HERE to listen LIVE or via PODCAST! – Your Community Radio Station Online, Live from Cornwall Ontario!

Coffeys Coffee

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