US Docs Create Attack Ad on Fast Food and the Results – January 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

McDonaldsCornwall ON – Speaking of attack ads a group of US doctors created this ad to warn of the dangers of fast food.    A certain chain was targeted which I’m hoping doesn’t mean we’ll never get an ad from them ever!

Debate is good and I give this chain full kudos for attempting to have some healthier offerings on their menu although I still love my occasional dose of “Secret Sauce”.

It should be interesting to see the public’s response as this chain is in a scrap with Tim Horton’s in the US and Canada.


What do you think of this ad?  Will it make you change how you eat and doesn’t the stiff on the table look a little like Cornwall Ontario’s hottest photographer Jason McNamara?? 🙂

In the name of fairness if anyone at McDonald’s wishes to rebut this commercial or issue they may and we’d be happy to offer the company equal time via video insertion into this story.

You can post your comments below.

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  1. While easy access to cheap fast food has been recognized as one of the causes of the obesity epidemic in North America, it is still the individual’s responsibility for what they put in their mouths.

  2. How about making real food more affordable

  3. Ha! And I thought that only Stephen Harper and the Conservatives commissioned attack ads!

  4. If nutritious food and decent housing became available to everybody, it would destroy our economic/business ruling system. There has to be a hungry/homeless class to keep the low paid workers motivated.

  5. Do like they did with the cigrette companys.Sue the hell out of fast food joints for all the health problems they have caused people.I,ll bet theres more over weight people than there are people who smoke.Whats the health board going to do about this problem.How about food police.

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