Happy Birthday to Melly the Rottweiler who turns 10 today! January 27, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Time flies.  Well it doesn’t really fly; it disappears and all we’re left with is…

My little girl Melly turns Ten Years Old today.   That’s ancient for Rottweilers.   She’s been a good dog.   A great dog, and yes, I’m biased of course.  She gets creatine to help keep her moving; and some vitamins.  Extra omegas with her flax seed.   Like all of us Dogs and cats have their issues as they get older.

Animals play such a large role in some of our lives compared to years ago; not that they didn’t then, but with smaller families our pets can “almost” replace humans and sometimes they’re better.

Xmas Sweater for Mel

Dogs don’t need to be put through university.   Cats don’t need Cars when they turn of age.   How many times have you had to bail your pet out of jail or  wire them a plane ticket?

They don’t really talk back.  Generally all they want from you is love, attention, and the odd treat.

The problem with our pets is that their lives are far too short.

I made Melly her birthday breakfast; a poached egg and oatmeal added to her kibble; and she gets to hang out in the office today.

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she licked my nose which means I believe that she wants everyone to hug their pet today, and enjoy them while they’re here with us.     She also asked me to ask all of you to spay and neuter so that there are no unwanted pets in the world because there’s nothing worse for a dog than not having someone to love.

Happy Birthday Melly!   Ten Years of Joy except for the house training…. and when you ate your collar and chewed up that oak dining room table….

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  1. Happy Birthday Melly from all of us here including Jessy and Charlie.

  2. Woof! Woof! to Melly

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