Akwesasne Warriors Host Rome & 1000 Island Friday Jan 28 & Sat Jan 29 – Federal Hockey League LIVE Action!

Akwesasne Mohawk Territory – The Warriors were censured by the Federal Hockey League after repeated complaints from teams about the brutal and physical style played by the team.

The Rome Frenzy return to  Anowarkowa Arena for back to back games tonight starting at 7:30 and Saturday at 7:05 as the 1000 Island Privateers enter the Turtle Dome.

Casey Swamp has been suspended indefinitely for gravely injuring two players including a goalie.    He’s been replaced in the line up by 6’4 245 pound power forward Travis Stacey.

Warrior Owner Basem Awwad was caught off guard by the suggestion that his team was too tough on the leauge and was causing injury to too many players.

“We’re a scoring team with a lot of skill.  We focus on Canadian players and Canadian players are a lot tougher than most Europeans.   We play to win no matter what.”

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Due to a ticketing issue you can pick up your tickets at the Turtle Dome exclusively.   (More on this story to follow)

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  1. The Warriors are not too tough on the other teams. there a big solid team that plays well together and have been in 1st place all season. I dont know why the FHL has to come down so hard on the warriors. They just like to play exciting hockey and the FHL should want that. That’s what sells tickets and that’s what this is all about the FHL should be trying to get more teams like the warriors and danbury there rough too why is no one complaining about them?

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