Ground Hog Day Plays Tricks on Ontario – Massive Snow Dumps – Good time to listen to Reg Coffey’s Old Tyme Radio Show on – February 2, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – A massive blizzard has hit most of the area and Cornwall is taking its fair share of the dump with over 15 cm’s reported in some areas already and expectations of up to 40 cms in some spots.   Stores are reporting a massive purchase of snow blowers and shovels too.

The trucks have been out cleaning which compounds things for home owners, but today isn’t a good day to go out as many meetings and events have been cancelled.

If you have a cancellation email us at and we’ll place it up for people to see and you can also email in your pictures to the same email address.

Today’s a good day to stay home, warm and safe, and tonight starting at 7:30 PM you can listen to Reg Coffey’s Old Tyme Radio show featuring Humphrey Bogart!

February is Bogart month, Humphrey Bogart that is. Each week in February the Old Time Radio Show will feature at least one hour of radio theatre featuring Humphrey Bogart beginning this week with the December 15th 1952 Lux Radio production of The African Queen. Charlie Allnut is played by Humphrey Bogart (of course) and the part of Rose Sayer is played by Greer Garson. The night’s programming will finish off with the our last episode of Exploring Tomorrow, titled Liar.


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