Traffic Light Wonky at Second Street & Lefebvre Avenue in Cornwall Ontario – Wednesday February 2, 2011

Cornwall ON – The traffic signals at the intersection of Second Street and Lefebvre Avenue in the City’s East end are not functioning. Motorists are advised to treat the intersection as four-way stop and proceed carefully. Work crews have been dispatched to address the problem.

As a result of reduced visibility due to today’s winter storm, motorists and pedestrians are advised to use caution when proceeding through any intersection.

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  1. This is actually nice I think. That light always switches just before you get to it, as well as the next one on the way down Second. Sometimes it takes so long to switch back to green that a 4 way stop makes more sense. And many times it switches while no one is waiting to turn. And no, in case anyone tries to say Im going too fast, I drive the limit, they still shouldn’t be switching like that.. they are on timers I think.. and are very annoying lights to have to go through.. I welcome the 4way stop..

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