Winter Storm Hits Ottawa: Proceed with Caution – Nation’s Capital coping with Dump – by Markus Noe – February 2, 2011 – 7/9

Ottawa ON – The long anticipated snow storm hit the Ottawa capital region today dumping 15-20 centimeters. We are now receiving the tail end of a super storm that has stranded millions in the U.S. For us this might not be a state of emergency as it is down in the Midwest. However there were some major delays on the Queensway and cancellations at the airport and too school buses.
The biggest concern about today’s storm came from the Ottawa Paramedics. They made an announcement warning people to shovel with caution.  Paramedics say that residents should take it slowly and to be conscious of symptoms that could lead to a heart attack.
The symptoms to be on look out for are shortness of breath, chest pain and nausea. During the last substantial snow storm to hit Ottawa in December, three men suffered heart attacks while shoveling.
Otherwise, for this storm the standard rules apply. Don’t leave home and be on the roads unless it is you have to. If travel is necessary take your time as road conditions are not ideal. The entire Ottawa snow fleet which was deployed all day today is finding it difficult to keep up with the continual snow fall.
In all likelihood this blizzard will have subsided by morning and things will resume as normal. The forecast for tomorrow is  sunny with a  low of -16.

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  1. True! Shoveling snow can kill you so let someone else do it!

  2. Author

    ….today I have a full drive t shovel…slow and easy and maybe I’ll get the car out by Tuesday 🙂

  3. Snow shoveling really should be done by kids or gas powered blowers.
    This morning I heard that Boston has had 70 inches (178cm) of snow so far this winter, and there’s more coming this weekend.

  4. Author

    I am definitely going to retire my electric snow toy and get a snow blower for next year. I’m lucky my neighbor occasionally blows my drive way out!

  5. Being ready to shovel starts before winter with regular exercise. Warm up your muscles with a stretch or 17, take frequent breaks, dress in layers and don’t cover your 6 pack chilling in the snow bank.

  6. I bought an 8HP Crappy Tire blower about fifteen years ago. Still works great. My driveway is about 150Ft long, and it usually takes about 1/2 hour to clear it out. Sure beats dropping dead from a heart-attack.

  7. Author

    I have an electric snow thrower which isn’t too bad. I’ve had it 3 winters now, but then I have a kind neighbor. Next winter I get my own beast 🙂

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