Pat Finucan Announces That He’s Seeking the Ontario Provincial Liberal Nomination for SD&SG – February 10, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The worst kept political secret was let out of the bag Wednesday afternoon at the Best Western PLUS Parkway Inn & Conference Centre in Cornwall Ontario as Pat Finucan announced his intentions to seek the Liberal nomination for SD&SG in the upcoming Provincial election.

So far his competition is former Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark A MacDonald who recently ran for Mayor of Cornwall; losing to incumbent Bob Kilger.

Mr. Finucan announced that he’s running as a “Fiscal Conservative” and hit many high points during his presentation.    He shared his focus on Education as a tool for growth; strong values when it comes to the Environment, but mostly to wanting to continue the good works of current MPP, Jim Brownell who was present at the announcement.


It was an interesting crowd that came out to support and listen to Mr. Finucan speak including Cornwall Councilors Denis Carr and Denis Thibault.    It was interesting that Councilor Clement did not attend as she’s refused to categorically state that she will not be putting her name forward for the Liberal nomination.

Peter Gault on Mr. Finucan


Currently there are two candidates on running for their party nominations for both the Liberals and Conservatives.  No NDP, Green, or Independent candidates have stepped forward as of yet.

Mr. Finucan’s Announcement Part 1


Part 2


Choose Cornwall


  1. Jim Brownell has announced that he is not running. Has Chris Savard said if he is going to run again? Does family play the biggest role in decisions? Politics keeps you away from home often and we never hear the wife’s perspective except from Michelle Obama but we are focusing locally.

    Is Jim’s wife Paulette happy to know she will have Jim home more now or is she thinking he needs to find more hobbies fast?

    Does Chris’ wife Shawna want him home more to be with family because family life is busy?

    What about wives of the others that are tossing their hats into the ring? We thought it would make an interesting article.

  2. Here’s an anecdote from an also ran in a recent election…

    “I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those that voted for me, and my wife extends a heartfelt thanks for all those who didn’t.”

  3. I met Jim Brownell for the first time on Saturday evening at a social event we both attended.
    It didn’t take me long to establish that Jim is extremely well liked by his constituents – regardless of political leanings – suggesting to me that he must have done what was best for the area. Period.

    For the sake of SD & SG let’s hope that Pat Finucan can keep the momentum that Jim has established. The local economy needs people who can create and maintain the vision required to transition from the former industry-based economy to whatever this community aspires to next.

    I am concerned Canadian currently involved with the Pulp and Paper industry and recently returned from a 3 year assignment in Asia – we need strong leadership to guide and protect us from ourselves so we don’t give away all our hard earned technical expertise.

  4. Jim Brownell was a popular member of the community at large and particularly on a grass roots level. Pat Finucan is neither. He is a political something, and not so much a promoter of constituents as a promoter of political and business agendas.

    For the sake of S-D&G lets hope that whoever gets elected is a representative of the people they serve, and holds their best interests above those of politics.

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