Perceiving Perceptions In The Eye of the Beholder – Our Mission Statement and a few words on How We Work – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – February 11, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So I had the ear of a very successful business person this morning.   It’s always enlightening to listen to good sound advice and wisdom.

We were talking about perception; chiefly others of ourselves and our businesses and how sometimes we can fail to create the perceptions that we truly wish to, and that the failure to do so can have dire impacts on how people interact with our businesses and ourselves as people.

Now this gentleman knows a bit about the Cornwall Free News and myself as a person; but it was interesting indeed to talk about some of the perceptions that he’s heard over the while.

For instance he asked how many people knew about our Mission Statement or what the “Free” in The Cornwall Free News stands for?  Good questions indeed.  So I thought I’d scribble this in the hopes of you, our valuable reader having a more clear understanding of how we think about things here at The Cornwall Free News and how we hope you see some of them.

Mission Statement

The Cornwall Free News was created to form a platform where everyone’s voice in the community can have a place to be heard safely and with respect.   That no one bias or belief would cloud the ability of any group or person to have access and thus a voice in the world.

The internet and Ariana Huffington changed how media is shared; and of course at it’s worst it’s been adapted by places like Fox news and at it’s best; well it can be a truly magical forum for discussion, debate, and advancement of ideas.

For example during the H1N1 scare last year we took a lot of heat for allowing alternative views on the flu to be shared.   Even if that meant that we don’t get any ads from the EOHU.   We recieved a lot of emails from people thanking us for allowing discussion and information to be open in a mainstream media site.   (Yes, we really are mainstream and not alternative as some have labelled us).


Nothing in this world is truly free.     Yes, you don’t have to pay to read the Cornwall Free News, but the Free in our name is about Freedom.   Not every idea or opinion is politically correct.  Not everyone is popular, but we will face some slings and arrows and share our soapbox with just about anyone.

Of course I’ve shared with people that if you get up on a soapbox you can’t complain if you get egged and that’s part of the magic of “Freedom”.   It’s something that we have in Canada that sadly is missing from some countries in the world, and that Freedom needs to be exercised and developed even if it scares some of you.

We have an open door politically to many parties and beliefs; yes even Conservative ones.  We aren’t a “rag” as some people have suggested.  Again it’s all about our viewers and what they want to say.

Ultimately this newspaper is yours.    Without you, our viewers, the magic simply would not be there, and there are quite a few of you so we must be doing something……

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  Our Mission statement and a bit about how we work.   Hopefully we’ve clarified some of your perceptions of us and of course; feel “free”  to post your comments and opinions below or email us at

(Comments and opinions of Editorials, Letters to the Editor, and comments from readers are purely their own and don’t necessarily reflect those of the owners of the Cornwall Free News, their staff, or sponsors.)

Best Western Cornwall


  1. So often we allow ourselves to be surrounded with negative comments and people. I would imagine this tool for the people, created and nourtured by Admin, must have blown past those negatives.
    Oh you can’t do that, or it has been done and failed, you will lose your shirt, there is no room in this city for another paper, and on and on.

    Our whole society can benefit from sharing of ideas and points of view, so there is a needed space on the web for this. Thank you

  2. Jamie, personal opinions find their berth in bias and belief. I can understand if you’re trying to avoid any one person monopolizing the CFN for their own purposes, however I hope you don’t limit voices based on ‘political correctness’. It’d be a shame if those voices, you hold in such high esteem were censored.

  3. Author

    Thank you Eric and Antagonizer. I can’t ever imagine us being considered Politically Correct. We do try however to be respectful in our conduct. 🙂

  4. Antagonizer, as long as folks like Smee, Joe Gunn and Tammy Hart are allowed to post here (subject to libel and good taste), I don’t think anyone has to worry about political or intellectual censorship.

    Keep it up, Jamie

  5. Author

    Well Watcher, we let you post too so taste is not a prerequisite to posting here 😉 – Respectful exchange of viewpoints and ideas are.

  6. Only a coward, with absolutely no guts, will state an opinion on line without announcing who they are.
    Intellectual censorship or political censorship be damned.

  7. Oh Joe, you’re so naive.

    Do you think that if I worked for Canada Border Services that I would sign my name after posting that an officer is on leave for cocaine addiction, and was only caught after his Island dealer punched his lights out in a local bar?

    Or if I were military do you think I’d sign my name if I mentioned anyone’s habit of jumping on the Challenger jet to attend ramp ceremonies so as not to be late for a hot date back in Ottawa?

    Or if I were a member of the Economic Development Strategic Plan Implementation Advisory Committee, would I sign my name if I mentioned a city realtor that sat in on closed meetings that considered competing arena sites — while at the same time working on behalf of the city and a successful property seller?

    And that last one …I think most city realtors know who it is. But they won’t say, so they easily avoid putting their name to it.

    Who would be gutless on that one?

    I keep my sources anonymous, and for my own sake I too remain anonymous.

  8. Yup. Anyone who might be looking for employment would be smart to keep a low profile when it comes to expressing political or religious views. I’m sure Joe Gunn is a loud and proud successful business person, and good for him. Unfortunately, most people aren’t so fortunate, and can’t afford to piss off any potential employers. As one of those cowardly gutless posters, I ask Mr. Gunn this… Would you hire me to work on your “sales team”? I think not. On the other hand, if I was to praise Mike Harris as a tireless fighter for human rights and equality for all, would that enhance my employment opportunities with your company?

  9. Well put Flipper and Furtz 🙂

  10. Maybe that would be a way for the good old (excuse me, the good young and new) CFN to keep a sales rep or reporter. Put a bag over theirs heads so none of the established old style media can recognize them and threaten them with excommunication.

  11. We remember that Mike Harris is the ONLY politician who ever did what he promised while campaigning…..thats why he was re-elected! The others just keep lying to us!

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