New Menu The Real Deal at Knox Fine Dining – Moose Creek Ontario by Reg Coffey

Moose Creek ON – To continue and end the story of my 60th birthday, my wife and I decided to have the traditional birthday meal at Knox Fine Dining in Moose Creek.  We have been there several times before and have always enjoyed ourselves but I have never written about it. I chose to make the reservations for a Thursday night since I was hosting my radio program on my actual birthday and I don’t like to rush a dining experience.
Knox Fine Dining can be found on the east side of the small community of Moose Creek in a beautifully renovated church. This restaurant oozes ambience, from the restored hardwood floors and stained glass windows, the old pews that are used in the booths, the carefully selected and placed local art on the walls, to the light jazz playing in the background. One of the owners, Paul Mayer is usually there to greet you and is more than happy to tell you all about the art and even the trials and tribulations he had in creating this unique eating establishment, which is a story on its own.
The food exceeded my expectations. It was a new menu. Paul said he hasn’t had time to post it on his web page yet so I was excited to see what was offered. After more than a few minutes reviewing the appetizers and entrees (and trying to imagine what they would taste like) I decided on the Panko encrusted Calamari as an appetizer and the Rack of Lamb with peppermint pesto served on Edaneme Bean Quinoa. My wife decided on the Tempura Beef Carpaccio followed by Veal Cheeks “Slowly braised veal cheeks served with gnocchi, skotidakas goat feta & tomato basil sauce.”  The menu was sheer poetry that painted flavours in my head.
The calamari was tender and flavourful, the lamb was delicious and cooked exactly the way I ordered and the quinoa was delightful. The beef carpaccio was a flavour explosion (of course we shared). The tempura batter and blue cheese combine so well with the beef that we were tempted to order another one and forget about the entrée. But, it’s a good thing we didn’t because Kathy wouldn’t have tasted the veal cheeks. I’ll have to quote her because she wouldn’t share her entrée with me it was so good…..”The basil tomato sauce complimented the goat cheese and veal perfectly. Tender shreds of veal surrounded the gnocchi to give an interesting texture sensation. All in all it was really really yummy.”
Beef Carpaccio Tempura
To finish off a great meal we also had a cup of coffee that was equal to the quality of the food, a rarity in eastern Ontario.
When it came to service, it was casual, comfortable and well timed. We were neither rushed nor did we have to wait too long for any of the courses. The plating was creative and pleasant, building the anticipation to actually enjoying consuming our choices.
Unfortunately the long drive to Moose Creek precluded me from enjoying any of their alcoholic offerings so I can’t judge their fine selection of wines. Nor did we indulge in deserts even after the tempting descriptions of the Raspberry and Chocolate Tartufos.
Knox Fine Dining is located at 16976 Maclean Road right in the Village of Moose Creek. For reservations you can call 613-538-5669 or visit their web site.

Presentation 4.5
Value 4.0
Service 4.5
Zing & Wow 5
Coffee Quality 10 out of 5

Overall 4.5 out of 5 red Hats
Best Western Cornwall

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