A Voice From the Past – Rob Wilson CJSS 1974-75 Pops in From Australia! – February 19, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

A Voice From the Past – Rob Wilson CJSS 1974-75 Pops in From Australia! – February 19, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Internet has a way of bringing people from all over the world together or popping back.

I received an email yesterday from a former CJSS newsjockey, Rob Wilson, who spent time working in Cornwall in 1974-75!

He sent in this picture of himself today from France (He lives in Australia) and the following note which he asked we pass on to our viewers:

I was on Facebook and spotted your story. I worked as a news reporter and news announcer at CJSS in 1974-75 on the 4pm-11pm shift with Ken Letroy (until 7) and then James Roderick (the rock jock) until 11pm.

Have super memories of Bill Gallant (sports director), Carl Fisher (morning news) and Wayne Waldruff (morning show host) and Terry Mallette (afternoons and late nights).
Have lived in Brisbane, Australia for the past 20 yrs with my Aussie wife. Love the weather, swimming pools and palm trees here (32C and sunny today).

Hello to all my old friends in Cornwall!

Rob Wilson
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

And that dear viewer is how people can sometimes reconnect via the net!  If you have a story of a long distance reunion email us with a photo to info@cornwallfreenews.com and we just might publish it like we did Rob’s!   In the meanwhile I’ll have to ask resident radio historian Bill Lasalle if he has any pics!

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Joe Gunn

I’m sure getting old when I read the names Rob referres to – thats 35 years ago – Holy cow! That was a great time for Paul Emard and CJSS Radio – (Commodore) Dave LaFave was also on site and ran the show ……

Stan Campbell

I remember those names, especially Paul Emard, Carl Fisher and Wayne Walfroff…and Dave LaFave, who passed away suddenly last Monday May, 2013.

I was on the air doing mornings at CJSS from 1971 to 72.

jerry lorimer
jerry lorimer

I worked my first radio job at CJSS after graduating at Career Academy in Toronto. The late Dale Parker, a great friend whom also worked at CJSS prior to Peterborough and CKOC Hamilton got me in. I worked mid mornings after Wayne Waldroff and Carl Fisher on the morning show fro August 73 to February 74. I use to pick up egg sandwiches prior to my arrival at shift time for the three of us. James Roderick was the Rocker at nights. Totally in his own world but I loved his company and Ken Lyon who I last saw in… Read more »

Gwilanne Parker

Jerry: Do you have any of Dale Parker’s airchecks? I have the one from radio scrapbook from 1982 but am looking for any others that may be out there. You can email me at lmcarlos@rogers.com

Jerry Lrimer

Gwilanne, I do not but can check with dale’s sister Nancy whom is a good friend since High School in Burlington.

How did you know Dale?


jerry lorimer

Well that was stupid. Didn’t see the last name and the last time I saw you I can’t remember the year. Sorry. If you opened the 1982 air check, Nancy couldn’t do it when I forwarded it to her. It is a simple download. Can you give it to her or do you want me to?

I just did it with the purchase of a new computer this weekend.


jim birtch

hi jerry I would love to get ahold of those airchecks of yours email me please jim b

Jerry Lorimer
Jerry Lorimer

Jim, I just stumbled on this while looking up Wayne Waldroff. Please forward me your email address so we can discuss.