Letter to the Editor by John E Milnes – Rebut to Barry Millett – South Stormont Ontario – February 19, 2011

Dear Sir:

So, we have yet another episode in the Harper Government Play Centre.  Now we have a member of the cabinet telling blatant lies and a Prime Minister who upholds her right to tell those lies.  It is very, very difficult to rationalise the Conservative Party pulling ahead in the polls after adding this to their dismal performance.  Can anyone seriously trust a government that supports a cabinet member who lies in Parliament, who will not answer questions and tries to hide behind sun glasses – or nip out for a quick smoke?

Hello!! We, the not so foolish public, can see you hiding behind those large darkened glasses.  We can even see you with the cigarette in your mouth.  Is this a measure of the intelligence of government ministers, they do not even know the dangers of smoking?  What is more, we can have no doubt the now big fellow, for he has surely put on weight, has no moral backbone because he approves of his cabinet members telling lies.  I sincerely believe that all those dyed-in-the-wool Conservative voters must be having second thoughts.

It really is time for a change even with a Coalition, despite the fictitious danger of which the Prime Minister keeps warning us. The British Coalition seems to be working very well so, if the chips are down and no party gets a majority, why would a Canadian Coalition not work equally as well?  In fact. a Coalition might be the best thing that could happen to the federal politics in this country.

It never ceases to amaze me how the committed Conservatives find excuses for massive boon-doggle, throw-away costs – such as the G8/G20 fiasco, the Fake Lake and the pork barrel funding for Minister Clement’s Riding.  These stout Tories even accept such massive, amoral financial blunders as legitimate whilst we wait years to get a creaky old international bridge replaced.  Please, would someone tell me why a Conservative Party can dig us into a massive deficit and consider they are doing okay when the Liberal Party with its record of controlling deficits is unacceptable?  Doesn’t make too much sense to a level-headed person.

The writer in this newspaper (Standard Free Holder) who attacked Mark MacDonald for his honest appraisal of the provincial government should take a look upstream at the federal level if he is so enamoured of his Conservatives. Does this writer, Barry Millett, have his head so far in the sand he believes any other political party will change the tax structure of Ontario?  True, we might get dollar a bottle beer but, really, is this the best the provincial Conservatives can do?  With respect to the LHINS, why not give them a chance to see if they can succeed?  From the inside track there does seem to be a different image to the one we are being fed by some media commentators.

It is noted that Barry Millett did not throw his hat in the ring for the Conservative ticket, so one can assume he has very little confidencce he could do better.  At least Mark MacDonald can say he has been there, done that and knows which way is up.

One final word for Barry Millett, the HST on your home heating fuel, is a federal government determination.  If you were more politically aware, and not just steeped in the Conservative mantra, you might realize the federal NDP is constantly pressuring Harper to remove the HST from home heating fuels.  Come on you NDP supporters get the true message out.

John E. Milnes – South Stormont Ontario

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