Habs Humiliated in Heritage Classic – Torched 4-0 by Flames – NHL SCORES – February 20, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So I was listening to my former Chomedy homey Mitch Melnick last week and he was ranting about Habs owner Geoff Molson and how if he was serious he’d reward Habs fans with a full cap spent on doing their best to bring home the cup.

Today Montreal was humiliated in the out door Heritage Classic, losing 4-0.   There’s simply nothing to be said.  No comment.  Nobody to pick on.   Yes, Montreal will make it to the play offs this year…most likely….and yes you can make excuses for injuries to key players, but this game sends messages.

It sends messages to the fans, to the ownership of the team and the coaching staff.   While you can’t judge a team on a single game, this surely isn’t indicative of a proud team in any fashion.

The trade window has 8 days left.   If Pierre Gauthier can’t figure things out then perhaps Mr. Molson should consider cleaning his management team and maybe, doing so before losing Kirk Muller?   There is talent out there.  There are some great deals to be made; just look at the Blues who really got a steal from the Avalanche.

Or the Habs can become sellers real quick because the team right now as it is, isn’t going anywhere.      And as I’ve said before; Carey Price is going to be a great NHL goalie; just not for Montreal.   Just like AK 46 will score 30; just not for Montreal.  Some players are made for this city and some aren’t.    It’s time Montreal management figured that out and stopped with the floaters and players that have no future with this squad.

Let’s not go back to those horrible Rejean Houle Hab years…..

In other NHL scores; Chicago, fighting to get into the play offs after winning it all last year defeated Pittsburgh 3-2; Detroit edged Minnesota 2-1; Philly doubled the Rangers 4-2; and Washington nipped Buffalo 2-1.

What do you think Hab fans?  Is it show time or closing time on this season?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Price, while he won’t win it, will probably get a Vezina nom this season. And if it wasn’t for Price, Montreal would be in the tank this year. Please know what you’re talking about before saying he will never be a good goalie in Montreal. Just wondering how Halak enjoys cleaning the basement in the St. Louis?

  2. Author

    Hey DC, Halak did for Montreal what Price never has to date. I’m not that convinced about his own merits this year. Look at Auld’s stats albeit as limited as they are. Most goalies are as good as their teams. Yes, there are special talents that impact, and yes there are lesser talents. I stand by my statement. It all comes down to where you want your team to go.

    You want to talk talent? Was Halak traded because he wasn’t as good or because Montreal knew he’d cost more down the line? Halak has had a fine year in front of at times a shaky team.

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