Texas To Allow Students and Profs to Pack Guns in Class – Yeee Haaw! Boy Am I Glad I Live in Canada! – Feburary 21, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Hand guns.  I know, I take heat as I think they should be banned except for extreme circumstances or for use in secure facilities for people that need to have things go bang and really blow stuff up.

Now, semi-shockingly, the state of Texas is about to actually allow guns for students and teachers at College and Universities.

I kid you not.  I do not jest.   After all of the school and public shootings the government of the State of Texas looks like it’s going to thumbs up this utter insanity.

Maybe the school bookstores will carry a selection of fine shooting irons even?


More than half the members of the Texas House have signed on as co-authors of a measure directing universities to allow concealed handguns. The Senate passed a similar bill in 2009 and is expected to do so again. Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who sometimes packs a pistol when he jogs, has said he’s in favor of the idea.

So is this all about votes and living up to the ideal of being a Texan? Is that the reason to allow a law that surely will result in death to young students?  What do you think my fellow Canadians?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. So will a student’s grades depend on the size of the gun or how fast they can draw it?

  2. It’s a sign of the times! Students at universities and colleges have been attacked in the past, even here in Canada. Better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it!

  3. Nope, it’s better to never have to go to Texas!

  4. Wow….stop the insanity please!

  5. Reg, how about Montreal or even Quebec City?

  6. Stan, Are you saying that Quebec allows concealed weapons for their students and faculty? I think they have had too much history with weapons in schools.

  7. Reg, what I’m saying is that if some of those girls in Montreal were ‘packing’ then the outcome might have been very different. Same in Quebec City when that guy went beserk in the parliament buildings!

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