Agapè Center participating in the Think Recycle program – February 23, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Along with our usual fundraising activities at the Agapè Center, there is a new way to raise money that benefits the environment as well.
The Agapè Center is tackling the growing problem of electronic waste and literally turning it into cash.
We are participating in the Think Recycle program, which gathers unwanted cell phone, inkjets, toner  cartridges and digital cameras from the community and exchanges them for money.
Greentec, the  company behind Think Recycle, then processes and recycles the products, diverting the electronic  waste from entering local landfill sites.
“In addition to our usual fundraising activities, this new initiative directly protects the environment,“
says Alyssa Blais, Executive Director. This way we can stop filling up our landfills with electronic waste
and fundraise at the same time!”
Over 900,000,000 pounds of electronic waste potentially end up in a landfill.   The Think Recycle program has been responsible for the diversion of more than one million cartridges from landfills and has provided nearly $3 million in funding to its participants and the Agapè Center is excited to be part of this program.
“This program also helps with removing carbon from the atmosphere. With  every 24 electronic products we collect, a tree is planted on the Agapè Center’s behalf.” says Alyssa.
The public can drop off unwanted cell phones, inkjets, toner cartridges and digital cameras directly to the Agapè Centre, 40 th  Fifth Street West, Cornwall. For larger quantities, you can schedule a pick-up, just contact us at 613.938.9297.
To kick off this new program, between March 1st and May 31st , the Agapè Center is entering into a competition to see if Cornwall can be the community that collects the most used/old cell phones. If we win, we can increase our fundraising dollars ten-fold! Help the Agapè Center by donating all your old or used cell phones to us.
About the Centre Agapè Center
The Agapè Center is “Local People helping Local People.” Our mission is to reduce the impact of poverty in our community. We do this by providing food, clothing, and household items for people in need, primarily, through our soup kitchen, food bank and thrift shop. The Agapè Center relies 100 % on the donations of time, food, money, clothing, and other household items from the community to help families that access our services. Please visit for more information.

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