Ottawa Senators Win Big – Where will Alex Kovalev Land? NHL SCORES – February 24, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The buzz is that the Ottawa Senators are going to be shipping out Alex “Big Dawg” Kovalev in the next day or two; certainly before the trade deadline which tells you something about the market today for goal scorers.

And there is one.  There’s a shortage of people who can get a point a game; so much so that guys that get half a point a game and really annoy you are commodities.

Were there this many concussions in hockey before the boys wore helmets or were they just not diagnosed?

And yes, I’d rather see Montreal land Dustin Penner than Alex Kovalev.   I think Penner is just the tonic that Scott Gomez needs.  A line of Gionta, Gomez and Penner sounds mighty nice and complimentary.

Add in Cammy, Plekanec, and Pacioretty and I’m not that upset going into the play offs.  Plenty of mix and match opportunities too.

If for some reason Pierre Gauthier does go for Big Dawg I hope he’s smart enough to grab Matt Carkner as well as Montreal needs some grit and as much as some on talk radio yap about Chris Neil; give me Carkner over Neil any day; especially dollar wise.   Talk about your bang for the buck!

If Pierre Gauthier can’t pull of a top six winger then it’s time for Montreal to be sellers; cautious sellers, but sellers.  IE; if you don’t want to resign certain UFA’s get some value for them.

In the NHL Wednesday night Ottawa bagged the Panthers 5-1.   New goalie Craig Anderson nabbed another win and the team actually played pretty well in front of him.  It’s amazing what a good goalie can do for a team….

Ray Emery was called up by the Anaheim Ducks, but they still lost to 3-2.  Emery did not start in goal.   Buffalo beat Atlanta 4-1.   What is it with Atlanta?  They have some great talent, but are not getting the wins they should out of this squad and they’re trading patterns and moves seem a bit odd too….

San Jose pecked the Penguins 3-2; the Phoenix didn’t rise in Tampa Bay losing 8-3; and Edmonton stomped the Avalanche 5-1.   I’m still trying to get a handle on Colorado’s moves and their head space.   You just don’t give up power forwards that easily and they seem to be reloading while rebuilding?

Tonight Toronto is in Montreal to get spanked.   It should be fun to watch and listen to Leaf fans whine about what Leaf fans whine about best 🙂

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. You write horribly. It’s “their trading patterns” not “they’re trading patterns.” Is this what Leafs fans whine about best?

  2. Where’s the Leaf’s fans? I have some cars to burn!! 😉

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