Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Denis Thibault – The 6.1% Solution – March 8, 2011

Cornwall ON – Busy budget meeting this morning.    I had the chance to catch up to Councilor Denis Thibault today and ask him about a number of issues.

For now I’ll just share some of what he talked about which is the hot button issue of the day here in Cornwall Ontario and that is….


Or, how to keep them down and find a solution to many people’s wishes and not have them rise this year without drastic cuts to services.

I mean, there probably aren’t that many pools left to close!

…we are making slow progress towards my goal of no tax increase but given some of the challenges we are facing, it does not happen easily… My goal is to get Council to agree to limit overall compounded tax increases over the next four years to same level as the last four years and that was 6.1% as confirmed by CFO Maureen Adams…

I will keep trying to find ways of keeping lower than the 6.1% but it would be good to have a commitment from Council to limit ourselves to a max as I am suggesting…

And there you have it my fellow Cornwallites.   Do you think Council will be able to meet Councilor Thibault’s goals?

Best Western Cornwall

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