Max Pacioretty Taken Down by Zdeno Chara -Habs Beat Bruins 4-1 – NHL Scores – March 8, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Montreal fans are waiting with baited breath as Rookie fave Max Pacioretty has been out cold after a brutal hit by Zdeno Chara.  Both players were moving with Max losing his balance while smashing into the edge of the glass after the players bench.

I’ve never seen a hockey injury like this in over 40 years of watching hockey as of print time Pacioretty is still not showing signs of consciousness.    He’s been placed onto a stretcher and the Bell Centre is quiet for the first time in the game as the Habs have shut down the Bruins 4-0.  The fans cheered as the stretcher left the ice, but Max is still not showing any signs of consciousness.


Max was taken by Ambulance to Hospital.  Still no word of his condition as of 10:04 PM

We’ll update as news becomes available.  With less than 3 minutes in the game Lucic tried to dance with PK Subban.   The Bruins definitely are not happy and taking it out on the smaller Habs.


Max has been reported to have regained consciousness as per CJAD at 10:26 PM

Watching the video, Chara seems to put his left arm up to push Pacioretty into the glass….

If you’re going to score two goals out of the blue and you play for the Montreal Canadiens, Boston is the team to do it against.  And that’s exactly what Lars Eller did Tuesday night, both assisted by Travis Moen too!   Other Montreal goals have been by Brian Gionta and James Wisniewski.


In other NHL Scores;  Ottawa nipped New Jersey 2-1; the Islanders sunk another nail into the Leafs season beating them 4-3 in OT; Philly beat Edmonton 4-1; Pittsburgh 3 Buffalo 1; Florida 3-2 over Chicago.

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  1. Chara is a dirty a$$ Piece of $hit and he better get punished for his actions. Ever since the second last meeting that the habs and and bruins met when Max scored the OT winning goal and nudged Chara, Chara lost his cool and ever since, he was looking to get revenge, and even with their last game Chara wasnt satisfied. So now this game, Montreal winning 4-0 near the end of Second Period, Chara got fed up because Max was playing better than him, chara had to do a Dirty hit like he did.
    Weather he is a Hab or not, no player diserve to get injured in that kind of way. Get well Max, Our prayers are with you and hope that you pull through this tough time, We know you are a strong man at heart and we all hope you are ok.

  2. Chara should get banned from NHL for this hit. what a A-hole. no one deserves a hit like that. Chara should NEVER be allowed to play hockey again in the NHL. I hope Max recovers soon.

  3. Max had taken 3 strides or more since touching the puck, the puck was long gone and then came Chara. As the announcer said, “Chara angled him and Pacioretty was lined up against the centre glass between the two benches.” Chara guided Max, like a steer to slaughter along the boards and deliberately into the stanchion. It was brutal. Was it pay-back for the nudge, Max’s early second period hit on Sedenberg or McQuaid, or just Chara sending a message; doesn’t matter. Your body is just like your stick, you have to be in control and if you are not, there are consequences. As to the morons who quip, well on the other side of the ice it would have been different – right – and if Charlie Sheen did not have a ton of scratch he’d be a different guy! But that is NOT the case morons. It is what it is. Chara pushed the envelope (Max’s head) and the result is what happens when you drive a human skull into a steel object. I can hear Chara saying, any other night and the car would have stopped before hitting that kid in the crosswalk BUT because of the ice on the road, the car didn’t stop and I ran over the kid. Didn’t mean to, I am not that kind of person. Well Chara – YOU ARE! and you play for that type of crowd that supports that style of hockey! ‘Cause when Boston plays hockey – they loose!!!!!!!!

  4. Violence is in our nature and this type of violence is what certain people want in sports. At one time we used to throw people to the lions and have gladiators fighting in the arena. Not much has changed today except there are no lances, forks and swords, and like the sign says “Don’t feed the lions”.

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