Another Harper Scandal, this time with Professional Prostitutes instead of Amateurs – Bruce Carson – March 18, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I nearly feel sorry for our Prime Minister Stephen Harper tonight as I sit here tapping away on the keyboard.

It seems every scandal possible is creeping its way out of the woodwork at the moment.  The question is will any of them or all of them stick with the Canadian public and voters and how will the PM handle all of this?

LINK (includes video)

The good thing about this new scandal is that it lets us take a pause from Odagate.   Bruce Carson, a long time Harperite seems to have used his Escort Girlfriend to help land some water deal.

The name of Michele McPherson, 22, appears on a secret contract witnessed by Bruce Carson that guaranteed her 20 per cent of all gross revenues from sales related to water contracts on First Nations reserves, according to a copy of the contract obtained by an APTN investigative team.

I guess this makes up a bit for the Seaway International Bridge and other native bashing political stunts by Mr. Harper’s Government.

Ms McPherson charges $260 per hour btw and you can check out her profile on the Ottawa Escort website.

What do you think Canada?  Do we make it to the budget release?

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  1. The “woodwork” the continual scandals are “creeping out of”, are creeping out of the wood harper
    willingly chose to build his throne with.

    Most of his scandals aren’t related to his chosen henchman, past or present, but directly related to his own bizarre and disturbing autocratic behaviour and antiCanadian sentiments.

    Harpers the only one who need feel sorry. Sorry for his outlandish tenure.

    But I doubt there will be any such repentance.

  2. Harper, this sticks to you. Calling the cops is an admission you are worried. That guy Carson was a known crook long ago, and your association with him went on for a long time. This one sticks, Harper. Tell us all about it on the campaign trail.

  3. The Harper Government has got the whole weekend to prorogue parliament until after the playoffs are finished, the Harper government loves hockey. Not a chance no budget or election this spring the Harper government is leading in the hockey pool.

  4. The idea of associating Harper with a sex-scandal is both hilarious and creepy at the same time.

  5. Author

    Why are sweater vests and socks so abhorrent to you Furtz?

  6. Sweater-vests are a product created by the devil. Socks are OK as long as they aren’t worn while doing “it”.

  7. Too sad the electorate has no clue the entire political neighborhood is owned by globalists greasing Harpers wheels today, Liberals tomorrow..NDP next week..ONE WORLD GOVT next month 🙂
    vote where you will..all ballots lead to globalism since Dief the Chief….pillaged, screwed Canadians.:) Have a great delusional day chasing illusions about politics controlled by off shore corporatists G20, G8, UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, Bilderbuggering pillagers and fascists, Carlyle Group, et al..and the best Canadian polticians their globalist’s money can buy..:) NAU, EU, ONE WORLD GOVT..screwed..gullags anyone ?? No private property rights, no freedoms, no sovereignty, no socialist safety nets, no voting rights, human rights, or civil rioghts, no pensions, no way out now :0)
    Conservatives win by ride..intelligent voters taking sabaticle from horse crap, lies, secrecy, Nazis baaaack..:0)

  8. Hey Will, I feel that way too, lots of times. This globalization and free-market system seems designed to create the lowest paying jobs for workers around the world while making more billionaires.

  9. No one should feel sorry for Stephen Harper. Why did he ever hire Bruce Carson as an adviser in the first place when the man had been disbarred as a lawyer and convicted of defrauding clients? That sort of person should not be hired to work for a Prime Minister of Canada. What does that say about the PM’s judgment?

  10. @Rebecca. What it says about Harper is that he will hire anyone he thinks will help his cause. At this point, I think he’d hire the devil to save his ass.

  11. Absolutely, Rebecca. Well said.

  12. The devil would be an improvement.

  13. Update:
    The facts are:

    So call cabinet confidentiality Carson was given the make up of Harpers new cabinet Ministers before parliament and the general population were informed.

    Carson and Shawn Atleo were implementing a plan of action to get rid of Indian Act (under who’s direction)

    Carson and Shawn Atleo dined at one of the finest troughs in Ottawa, get this $600.00 for one meal. While children on reserves go wanting (puking my guts out on that one)

    After Carson got his ducks all in a row the 1st nations water funding budget started to increase, that’s our tax dollars folks.

    Water filtration from a company that has a $50.00 dollar sign above a $800.00 a month office, can you say shell company, I thought you could.

    there is more but first:

    People who need to step down like yesterday not so Grand Chief Shawn Atleo, the not so Honourable John Duncan, Michael Wernick and Colleen Swords.

    People who need to be investigated like yesterday those mention above, the PMO, the Privy Council, Jim Prentice, Chuck Strahl and a bevy of others to come.

    Harper the buck stops here.

  14. let’s get rid of harper .give him the boot.

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