People Buying Up Kelp Tablets in Cornwall Ontario and Across Canada on Nuke Fears – March 18, 2011

Cornwall ON- People watching and reading the news in Japan have been reacting to it with reports across the world of people buying up Iodine tablets and even Kelp extracts which are a natural source of Iodine.

While most experts are suggesting no real fears of winds of radiation impacting people in Eastern Ontario I met a gentleman today with a bag of various extracts and tablets who explained his concerns to me.

Iodine WIKI

Iodine is used to help the thyroid when exposed to high levels of radiation, but too much iodine can also impact a person’s health.

So my fellow Canadians?  Are you out buying up kelp and Iodine tabs?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Buncha paranoid wackos bought all the kelp out west. Nuclear volcano light show from space.

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