Letter to the Editor – Amanda Leblanc Really Likes the Provincial Liberal Party of SD&G and MPP Jim Brownell – March 23, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

With the Liberals at the wheel in the province in Ontario and in the county of SD and SG we can look forward to a new four year plan to strengthen our economy, part of which has already begun to take shape. This plan includes such things as laying a greater foundation for clean water technology; investing in post-secondary education; greater improvements in health care; tax reform; green energy; infrastructure investment etc.

With Jim Brownell as Liberal MPP for the last 8 years, SD and SG has flourished. This has been especially true even in the times of economic crisis.


We need someone who can continue on the same path and improve on it even more. We have three great nominees who have chosen to follow in Mr. Brownell’s footsteps. I encourage people to contact any one of these fine gentlemen and register with the liberal party of Ontario. It is a must that everyone participate in the nomination process. We have a system that is worth fighting for and cannot run the risk of allowing the Conservatives to turn back the clock.”

Amanda Leblanc Cornwall, On

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  1. A system is only worth preserving if everyone is treated equally under that system.
    We now have a 2 tier Justice System in Ontario because of Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals.
    The clock needs to be turned back.

    There needs to be one Justice System for all.
    The Charter of Rights says

    Section 11.
    Any person charged with an offence has the right

    * d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;

    It does not say everyone BUT Ontario Dog Owners


    Although Jim Brownell has stated that he supports Hershey`s Bill,one Liberal MPP with some sense is not enough to restore commonsense to the Liberal Party.

    Dalton McGuinty has stated that he will continue to strip these Ontario Citizens of their most basic Charter Right(The Right to the Presumption of Innocence) as long as he is in Power.

    Dalton McGuinty needs to be removed from Power because he has no respect for Ontario Citizens, no respect for the truth and no respect for taxpayers.


  2. I try, often very hard not to attack the person while trying to attack the message. Forgive me if I go over the line.

    MPP’s follow the party line, no matter how good they are in the community. Has Mr. Brownell’s record been clear of votes on HST, Health Premium Tax, 7 billion to Samsung, Eco fees and on and on?

    This HST tax grab did not have to be. Mr McGuinty (and his party) could have kept many items off the list.
    The Health Premium was a way to throw more money at a problem instead of doing the hard work of cutting costs.
    & billion to Samsung did not need to happen, purchasing power from Quebec, the same way Cornwall does, would have given us all the cheap green energy we needed.
    Don’t tell me we do not have the infrastructor in place, how else did we sell a billion dollars worth of electrcity last year to Quebec and New York. At bargain rates while low income earners had to wait till after 9 to do laundy if they had “smart” meters. Those meters are another boondoggle.

    Have a wonderful weekend, do your taxes and try not to have a stroke!

  3. You’re right Eric. This party system seems seriously flawed. The Mp or MPP you elect has to be 100% loyal to his/her party and it’s policies, while at the same time represent the people in his/her riding.
    Mission Impossible.

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