Cornwall and Regional Writers Society Meeting March 21, 2011 by Reg Coffey – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I know that this report is a few days late but I have a good reason. I wanted to publish a poem that was submitted by email from one of our regular contributors, Hans Kreher, who is away on vacation. I had to get permission from him to publish it. For whatever reason, some of our poets and authors are a little reluctant to see their works in a public venue. I think they are just shy.
To recap what our writing group does, we meet monthly on every third Monday at the Cornwall Public Library to share our stories or poems, ask advice or for just plain old camaraderie. For the last two years we have been issuing challenges to write a story or poem or song, etc, on a topic chosen by a rotating chair. The topic for this month was “My First Love” and the chair for this month was Stanley Brown.
We all read our own particular stories and poems and they were all very good but I also read Hans’ poem for him. I believe it was unanimously considered the best work of the evening (even better than my own, imagine that) and I felt compelled to share it with all the readers of the Cornwall Free News. 

Feel the Wind

Oh let me be the wind that you feel

At the roots of your hair

When you wear the only suit

God gave you as gift.


Oh let me be the river that flows

Wherever you go

Through sun and rain and storm,

To let you know the sun is always there,

In my eyes, my gift.

Close your eyes for a moment,

Feel as I see.


Open the window, let me in,

She said to the wind.

A gentle breeze stirred the day

When eyelids shut;

A whisper touched the night

With eyes wide open.


The wind came in

With soft caress next to skin,

I am all around you,

With every breath I am in you still,

To feel your beauty.


Let me be your river within,

Kissed the wind to each root of hair

Beneath the surface of her skin.

From ice blue mountain stream

To the edge where life began,

At the shores with tides pulsating.

In rhythm hearts combine,

Souls set sail intertwined.


Hans Kreher

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