Here are your Federal Candidates for SD&SG Ontario in the 2011 Election – Who Will You Vote For? Take Our Poll – March 25, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Harper government fell today which means that in SD&SG Ontario it’s time to get those  election machines in gear.

We sent out an email to all of the candidates and have heard from all but our encumbent, MP Guy Lauzon.   Mr. Lauzon is the odds on favorite to win the campaign, but you never know; things happen in politics; especially when you refuse to speak to the number one online media company in your riding when more and more people are on the net, on their smartphones; not to mention Facebook, Twitter, and other Social media.

The plusses for Mr. Lauzon?   He has enough money in the riding war chest to fund three elections and what’s called “The Big Blue Machine” that could run my dog Lily for office and probably have a fair chance of winning even if Lily isn’t bilingual.

Ms Bernadette Clement; Liberal Candidate.

Ms Clement is immensely popular in Cornwall Ontario where the Legal Aid Clinic Attorney who just celebrated her 20th anniversary in her role and in the city finished first in the last Municipal election for City Council.

Ms Clement is Multi-Cultural, fully bilingual, bright, articulate, and very talented.

The biggest question is how will that play out in Dundas County where some of those qualities have not always been so popular?  Ms.Clement was acclaimed candidate by the Liberal Party in an event that was attended by hundreds in the riding and celebrated by former long time MP and Cornwall Mayor Robert “Bob” Kilger.

The local Liberal riding association has been very successful in its fund raising efforts in the nearly two years that Ms. Clement has been their candidate.

She sent us in the following statement.

The Harper government wanted and have been working to get this election. They have been filling our mailboxes with self-promotional advertising way ahead of this election. They have spent millions and millions of taxpayer money on advertising.

Who are they trying to fool? They have been calculating to get a majority, to be free from the limits of democracy, because they just don’t like to follow democratic rules.

In fact, this is the first government, in the whole of Canadian history, to have been found incontempt of Parliament. This means that the Harper government does not respect democracy. Well Mr. Harper, democracy means something to Canadians. We have been a democratic beacon to the world and Canadians expect better from their government. This is a government that Canadians no longer trust. We can and will do better.

They have shut down Parliament before and now they’re presenting a sham budget they knew full well would not be accepted. If they had been willing to compromise, they would have been able to continue in Parliament and there would have been no election.

Evidence of the Harper government’s abuse of power is piling up:

  • Shutting down Parliament to silence critics
  • Minister doctoring documents
  • Charges against people in the PM’s inner circle breaking election laws
  • RCMP investigations of close advisers to the PM, for influence peddling

During this election I will deal with the real issues that are not being addressed by the Harper Conservatives, such as health-care, pensions, jobs and the economy of the future, family care, which includes proper childcare and care for elderly family members, healing the environment to protect the well-being of Canadians, integrity in government, and respect for the meaning of Canada.

Bernadette Clement

Mario Leclerc is running for the NDP.

The Union activist and writer is in his first Federal election having replaced the very popular Darlene Jalbert.

He has an impressive body of work having been President of the Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC), President of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU) local 621, and as an executive member of the Cornwall and District Labour Council.

He has served as President of TV Ontario/ TFO Advisory board and as a member of the Ontario Criminal Injury Compensation board.

Mr. Leclerc is also bilingual.

He sent in the following:


Our campaign is set to go and that you will be running a positive campaign based on the progressive platform of the NDP under the leadership of Jack Layton, a leader that you can trust.  The NDP is working to create good jobs and to make life more affordable for ordinary Canadians. It’s time to put the security back into retirement by expanding the Canada Pension Plan.
The NDP will increase support for the agricultural sector to produce quality products and will ensure bankable, long term income to farmers to cover their costs of production. The NDP also support greater assistance to rural communities in SD& SG to ensure that they remain viable, and the rural schools stay open. We are going to expand access to post-secondary education and training. We are going to improve public health care, home care and long-term care. Our campaign office is now open at 256 Pitt St. Our signs are in and our pamphlet has been ordered. Our campaign team has been formed.
I have been on a leave of absence without pay from my job since Feb 8 & have been attending many community events in the riding in the lead up to the election. I promised you a great fight and a great campaign.The time has come for a change from the Conservatives & the Liberals. It’s time for the NDP, the party which puts people first.
Mario Leclerc
Federal NDP Candidate
Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.


The fourth candidate is Mr. Wyatt Walsh of the Green Party who only recently accepted the nomination.

Mr. Walsh has fulfilled a dream in becoming a candidate for the Green Party; something he’s wanted for a long time now.

Mr. Walsh has worked as an engineer, manager, successful musician, family man, and developer of several products.

Mr. Walsh is also a community activist having fought the city of Cornwall over Richmond Drive and the use of heavy trucks impacting the residents of the road.

He had the following to say:

Damn the Torpedoes; full speed ahead!   All the political parties will be sorry for calling an unwanted election on the Canadian public.

The Green Party has solid policies that most Canadians would agree with once they discover them.   This election isn’t about the shameful and scandalous way the Harper Government has treated Canada and Canadians, but about the economy and all of  our futures,  from the very young to the very old.

My goal is to share those policies with everyone in SD&SG so that they can make the best choice this election.

Well there you have voters of SD&SG.    It’s going to be an interesting election and The Cornwall Free News & will be your home for extensive coverage.

What do you think and who will you vote for?  Let us know and please register your opinion in our poll!

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  1. I see the same statements by all candidates. You tell us how bad you believe Harper and the Cons used their power. It is quite easy to comment as an arm chair athlete.

    Why not try and tell your potential constituents exactly what you will do for us and how. We already lived through what is wrong and do not need you to keep telling us, unless you have no clue what you plan to do.

    Ms Clement, the one and only reason the liberals did not fill our mail boxes is because they are broke. A little honesty is order here don’t you think?

    Mario how do you intend to “expanding the Canada Pension Plan.” Who will pay for it? Would you consider ending government contributions to teachers’ pension plan and government pension plans? In doing so placing over 2.8 billion dollars from Ontario tax payers alone into the Canada pension plan for all Canadians?

    If you think it sounds like a lot of tax dollars people I suggest you do a little research. Mario’s idea though good will only be earned by yep more tax dollars. Then if Ruby Dhalla is elected it will be given away to people not contributing for more than a couple years……

    Good Luck Wyatt….

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