Cornwall Ontario is it time to make IT happen?

Cornwall ON – Dear Cornwall;

This is a great city full of opportunity, but like mining gold or other precious commodities sometimes you have to dig a bit harder to hit pay dirt.

Sometimes you have to create a market the way the East Coast did for Lobster which used to be considered nothing more than bait and refuse.

For over a year now I’ve been petitioning the city to let us create a few promotional videos for our city.

Written, shot, and produced locally with a star or two thrown in.   I’ve sat with Economic Development; chatted with the mayor and some of Council, and even a few members of Team Cornwall and the Chamber.

Listening to people call me today, and reading emails I feel bad for the people whose lives are going to be hit as hard as they have.    I think we need to create some of the magic that’s here and promote the crap out of it.

I think some of you might too.    So I’m thinking it’s time to see if you, the public, the business community, and maybe, just maybe the city will step up and partner with us in creating these two promotional videos.

If we can get enough funding and cooperation we can have them ready to go before Summer.   We need some good news in this city, and we need something to all feel special about and share that with the world.

I’m willing to do my part.  I know some of the amazingly talented people I work with regularly are too.      Now it’s up to everyone out there to help make it happen.

If you’re interested in helping, donating, or being a part of this in some way email us at or you can call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

And if you want to reach our city about what you think about these closings and what maybe we should be thinking about in the future you can contact them too.

Here’s the link to the City Council and mayor’s page.

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  1. Lobster use to be bait and refuse? interesting… what could we create or innovate to put us on the map..hmmm

  2. I think a promotional video certainly cant hurt. It should emphasise our location and our vast open spaces and recreation, I think Cornwall is a great place for the self employed and those who work from home over the internet etc… sadly we are still struggling on the employment scene but raising the communities profile can only help. We’ll done to the city council for keeping the tax increase to a minimum, if we can stay below overall inflation rate then its sort of a tax reduction (I suppose),

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