Star Tek in Cornwall Ontario Gives Notices to 398 Employees – April 4, 2011

Cornwall ON – Well the rumours have come to be.  We were going to run with this story on Friday, but Star Tek head office were making strange gurgling sounds.

Today the company announced that 398 staff have been given notice and will be laid off as of  July 31st.   While more gurglings are being made about retaining some of the staff; IE the Bell French services contract it means a lot of stress for residents of Cornwall.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, StarTek has delivery centers onshore in North America, near shore in Costa Rica, offshore in the Philippines and virtually through its StarTek@Home workforce. For more information, visit or call +1 303.262.4500. StarTek was recently  named best outsourced provider for 2010 by the International Quality and Productivity Center  (IQPC).

We’ll be updating this further and if you’re a Star Tek employee and wish to discuss this you can email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

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  1. Its not even official that bell is staying there still negotiating. Thank God you didnt “run” with your story of Friday. Better for employee’s to find out through there employer.

  2. Gotta love it …. outsource outsource outsource … perhaps this queues will be moved to the new CostaRica operation?

    Why don’t we start taxing every company that utilizes offshore resources for onshore jobs! …

    Boooo StarTek …. Booo!

  3. Author

    We should have a balancing act of some sort. If a country has sub standard labour practices and other factors that Canadian company’s have to pay it shouldn’t be our local economies that suffer.

  4. Unfortunate the almighty dollar and profits dictate over & above the human or compassion factor. I understand the logic of it as we exist in a global economy. If one competitor gains financial advantage by outsourcing elsewhere then it forces others to do so in order to remain competitive. Can not put any blame on StarTek as it is a business making a profitable/survivalist decision. To be sure, if they are not competitive then then they will not get the contracts to stay in business. That would also lead to job loses.Canada is with high taxes, high utility rates and high labour. Ironic in that I suspect workers would not want decreased wages(profits) in paycheques but many think companies should do so.

    Can not envision how balance could be achieved between high wage/tax/expense counties and low wage/tax/expense countries. What judicial/legislative body would take responsibility and how would they enforce and why would companies or countries comply. Also it likely would be in conflict with the Free Trade Agreement. Sounds like a NDP solution, it is idealist perhaps; but it is not realistic. There is no way to force companies into such a constraining vice nor should we. Protectionism does not work in a global economy; one must change and adapt to changing realities. It is as it is in Mother Nature… survival of the fittest. Harsh but true, unfortunately those at the bottom of the food chain get gobbled up first.

  5. Cheers on the post garfield!!! it is so true

  6. Working at Startek let me live the Cornwall dream!

  7. Obviously outsourcing is more economical for Startek..However..consider this:

    Being a customer service representative, I deal with so angry customers a day that are pissed when I answer the phone, simply because the last 4 or 5 people they spoke with were overseas, and they were 1) incomprehendable because of the language barrier and 2) could not resolve the customer’s issue, because these representatives overseas don’t understand anything outside of their scripts and their policies that they are given. If a customer of 10 years+ is complaining about a measly $5 charge, these representatives overseas will fight all day with the customer… “sorry sir, it’s policy that you are responsible for this charge, etc, etc”….Then when they finally get someone from North America, we have common sense to be able to analyze a business decision based on the customer’s history. So in conclusion, these representatives overseas infuriate customers, and I know personally because when I have to talk to them when I’m calling my service provider, it’s ridiculous…they don’t understand anything outside of a script and a policy.

    So these companies can put every single Customer Service Rep overseas…but they’re going to have to reduce their service costs, cause eventually everyone is going to get sick of paying high bills to their service provider, when they can’t get decent customer service..

  8. Smee… amazing video, I am impressed.

    It speaks volumes about attitude and ambition. Caused me to give thought to my city and North American culture in general. My city is a former union/mill town with union/mill town mentality. Also a community where 42-46% receive a government cheque monthly… welfare, disability, old age and with the mindset of such. Future planned path for city is a retirement community. Overall not a combination for dynamic, innovative thinking and energies. As such I found the video clip doubly impressive. It shows what can be done if one puts their mind, ambition and energies into it… especially if done as a community or a team.

    Also baffled by some of the sarcastic, self justifying comments at the end. Human nature… gotta love it! Oppps can not have a lobster climbing out of the fish tank… quick pull him back down to our level!!!!!!! Some of the comments spoke much of North American mentality. Difficult to go forward when one is with backwards mentality. As for myself I remain in awe of their accomplishment and demonstrates what can be achieved when we apply ourselves to it with purpose and ambition.

  9. Good video Smee, amazing!

  10. Companies like to make money, they will abide by the rules of the host country. NAFTA is destruction. Dynamic, innovative, thinking, energy, maturity and a strong sense of what works, and tons of cash, ambition and focused energy is to be found within the grey set, Garfield. Your brash ageism is amusing. We are not the old people of yesterday. All communities are retirement communities. Take off your I-pod and dare to talk to us – after all it’s not like anyone under thirty has the responsibility or courage to vote. I admire your strength though.

  11. Thanx Garfield!!!
    I am from that same city, I, like many others now, must work abroad. It is what happens when we lack leadership and maintain local business attitude is of “You can’t do that in Cornwall” It is not Cornwall that is the problem it is the mentality of the person making the statement. Trust me I have met many with that attitude in electronics industry, municipal government, infrastructure and both Guy and Jim are no different.
    We want small business to grow but people also want top dollar, does anyone else see the irony in that.
    We are victims of our own success. This is the result of wanting the big dollar; the revenue must come from someplace so prices are increased. We did this to ourselves. As for blaming industry, think about it, would you as a home owner hire a gardener for example and pay them $25/hr plus benefits?? I highly doubt it. Yet we expect it from industry. There is no yea but we did it and now we are paying for it.
    I voted for you and am glad you like the clip, now how can you lead us to the same kind of economic growth? It’s not much to ask from a local supporter. Get CBP up and running, or at least tell investors why their money is being spent in the same manner Adams did with the ethanol plant and is being done on the water turbine project in Cornwall.
    I pay taxes for a home I rarely use Tammy, please tell me why? I am thinking about something called taxation without representation.
    I understand our waste management is up for review. It is my understanding we need to show a reduction in waste to receive grants from the government. If history is any indication you will place the oness on us and ask us to reduce or there will be a fee. That is not a solution but a redirect for an incapable municipal government combined with a lack of foresight with local municipal leaders.
    We have enough with the committees who meet just for the sake of meeting. That is how you and many other municipalities keep progress at bay. You keep incapable people in a position of control while the rest of us go out and make a difference for other communities.

  12. Doddering Old Crank, truth is I do not own a I-pod as you assume. In my fifties I perchance am not too far behind you and to top it off I also am with tinges of grey. Lol

    Active in service clubs and networking with people I am certainly well aware some individuals of the grey set are with the qualities you say. Overall however it remains a retirement community is not bustling, dynamic and active. It is young families that circulate money in a community and infuse energy. A community lacking opportunities and growth will lose much. Cornwall as a retirement community and a trucking hub will not be dynamic or with growth especially with a higher than average social assistance rate.

    We have been with opportunities but often have not jumped on them or to see a bigger picture. Our location is awesome but we seem too crippled or without vision to capitalize upon it. We are no longer a union town or mill town and a golden opportunity awaits us. Can we change our mentality Have we got what it takes so companies want to locate here!

  13. @ Garfield….and all that under Mr. Lauzon’s watch. If we want a change of fortune for Cornwall and indeed all of SD&SG then maybe we need a change of politicians. All of the good pork is going into the oil sands.

  14. Worked at Startek for 9 years and finally saw the light. Knew this was going to happen years ago. But Startek paid me well, and in turn, got paid well for my work. Wonder how much federal taxpayers money also was paid to Startek and where is the money now?

  15. Reg, Reg, Reg… such comment is naive. It goes back before Lauzons watch and before Kilgers. A change of local MP is not the answer. Even if it were to happen there will be no change. Lauzon is not in the inner circle of power and can do little. Kilger was inside the inner circle of power and did nothing.

    Kudos to Ed Lumely! At least when he was in the inner circle of power he accomplished much. Lumely was a dynamic Mayor then went on to be even a more dynamic MP. We were foolish to vote him out primarily because many thought he was not spending enough time here as he was also Minister of State for Trade.

    The change has to come from within the city, its leaders, its citizens… it has to be from the ground up. We need dynamic leaders, populace and mindset at the city level. MP’s and MPP’s can do much but it is the city, business groups, service clubs, Chamber of Commerce, BIA’s, organizations and citizens that must put the ball in play and to show drive, initiative, plan and vision.

    The people at the top can not do it for us… much we require to do ourselves.

  16. Like your comment Rick… “Startek paid me well, and in turn, got well paid for my work”. That is perfect and positive scenario… everybody is with a profit and satisfied. Your comment about the taxpayers money being poured in and where did it go, is a scenario repeated too many times. A double edged sword.

  17. Author

    Well said Garfield. Change has to come from within. There’s a saying about you get what you vote for. If people aren’t happy with the status quo then it’s up to them to work the system to effect change even if that system is corrupt and corroded.

  18. Here people are elected not out of merit but a lack of options. As for working the system, have you ever tried to pump water from a dry well?

    Any person with similar capabilities to what Lumley had are working elsewhere and have little or no time to spend in campaigning let alone finding people to donate the parties. You can use the word change as an excuse all you want but it still comes down to who would be a better option. Before you go all liberal or green tell me something more than just give them a chance.

    Kilger had a chance and we can see how much he did for us. He was running about like a kid with his trousers down.

    Bernadette had a term as councilor and I still see no change in the area.

    Lauzon….the right party but the man is lacking in fortitude, desire and ability. The man does not do justice his job as a secretary. I know many more qualified clerical people then Lauzon.

    Wyatt well all in all he is probably the best person for the job but in the wrong party. Should he win I am not too sure it would work out so well for the area.

    Garfield has it right on the nail with change from the bottom up. As soon as we can find the people with professional ethics and fortitude to build anything in the manner the people did in the clip I posted, we will prevail and not before. Government is only a representation of the people. Maybe you should stop blaming government

  19. Garfield, Garfield, Garfield, I suppose you are right. Mr Lauzon is only the party whip. But, if he didn’t enjoy whipping the Cons into line so much he might have been able to do something, anything for SD&SG.

  20. Judging by some of the posts read in here and that other news place, it is not difficult to understand why companies leave the area.

  21. Reg you can remain to flog Mr. Lauzon with a wet noodle to infinity but fact remains change and direction must start from the bottom up. That is where initial focus must be… average Joe citizen, city council, Chamber, business groups, service organizations, etc.

    We can put the onus on Guy or Bernadette but neither is with the qualities of Mr. Ed Lumley. Nor was/is Kilger! If you seriously think Bernadette replacing Guy will make the necessary change then I must say I think you are delusional. I do not see that quality or character trait as she sits at the council table. That is not to say I make criticism of her, simply that I strongly believe she will not unseat Lauzon and even if such were to happen, certainly she will not make dynamic change.

    Cornwall in essence is off the political/financial/progress map. The financial/political golden triangle runs from Toronto area (and west) to Kingston to Ottawa. I would like to see it extend to Cornwall but again for it to happen change must come from energies, ambitions, dynamics, co-operation, foresight and outward thinking from within. Developing a more positive business climate, changes in city planning department, investment in facilities and infrastructure, developing a skilled workforce… a concern conveyed in previous election, increasing tourism potential, development along the 401, addressing issue of high taxes… fair remuneration from Robert Saunders Generating Station would be a awesome accomplishment. Why is it Prescott is with a Ethanol facility in very short order and Cornwall’s prolonged attempt was a flop. There is much we can address and to do in positive mindset, with purpose and enthusiasm. Years ago a twenty something individual became Mayor of Brockville and dynamic change happened basically overnight. It starts with a rallying cry, leadership, focus, purpose desire and team effort from the grass roots.

    This city is with much potential and I believe that potential will be bypassed if it becomes a trucking hub servicing distribution centres and a retirement community. We have not grown and progressed to any large degree since the Seaway, in essence remaining a mill town. The mills are since gone but much of the mindset remains. The current vision for Cornwall I feel is lacking. We can achieve so much more… but first we have to want and desire such change, then apply it.

  22. @ Garfield, So we are in agreement then. Mr. Lauzon has not been doing a great job. But you don’t think there is anyone better? Is that the gist of you rhetoric?

    Let me remind you that one of the indicators of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. If you want improvement then you have to start with change.

  23. This is a big deal and I am sorry to see another site and employees fall. I hope the best for those losing their jobs. Please join us at – there is a lot of information about the company and how the business is being run.

  24. Well now it appears this whole thing may be poorly reported. Star Tek employee states, People have just recieved a temporary lay off and a high percentage will be rehired in the new location

  25. What i believe is unless a individual is with specific persona/qualities they likely will not institute change in policy or direction. Doers and shakers are a rare breed. Lumely was one of these, directly using this character traits, strengths and influence to get things done. I certainly did not see that from Kilger, I do not see it with Lauzon and I do not see it in Clement. IAs such I believe it more prudent this election to vote for the party, party leader and party policy. Whether Harper or Ignatieff gets elected I see no change for Cornwall and whether Lauzon or Clement is our next MP I see no change for Cornwall.

    What I wish to convey with my rhetoric is neither Guy nor Bernadette are with capability to make the changes Cornwall is in need of. I do not see Lauzon shirking his responsibilities and I view him as hard working and dedicated. I indeed do believe Clement would also be hard working and dedicated. However as our MP if they can not institute change then it is up to us at the grassroots to do so. We need to instigate attitude and direction for Cornwall’s future and primarily that is up to administration, city council and the community.

    I agree with what you say pertaining to doing things over and improvement coming about with change. In this instance however I do not see change of MP at the local level simply for the sake of change as changing anything. Any mindset/dynamic change for Cornwall and area is not quickly forthcoming and will come from elsewhere. As such I believe voting for our next federal member of parliament should be based on other factors.

  26. Author

    Garfield I have to disagree with you regarding our MP. He has not been “hard working”; certainly not for residents of this riding nor really in the House of Commons where he’s spoken just about the least out of all the MP’s in Parliament!

    He dresses reasonably nice. He says very little. He makes a lot of appearances especially if a camera is around, but his work record is very punky and empty.

  27. So Garfield it would appear that your options are either NDP or Green. In the coming minority government every MP’s vote will count and will be courted, unless you are Conservative. Then you have to do what Harper says or you’re out.

  28. The coming government will be a Conservative majority

  29. Admin I am unaware of his speaking record in the House and so can not comment. I see where he does things and as you say also with many public appearances. I am aware of incidents he and his office has assisted. I also am aware from conversation of incidents he has not, however those incidents I am aware of tended to fall mostly the City’s mandate such as licensing issues or under a Provincial mandate. I would be disappointed if he ignored concerns of constituents or to not give effort on issues of a federal matter.

  30. LOL nooooooooo I am not voting NDP or Green. A country can not function on NDP or the Green’s philosophy. In my teens I actively supported George Samis and became a member of the YND(Young New Democrats) however as I went through life transitions, matured, raised a family, entered the workforce, ran a business, budgeted for both, paid taxes, experienced health care, with growing awareness of National and Global affairs I migrated away from the NDP mindset. The Greens are a idealistic party and not in a position to govern a country. I have voted Liberal in younger years however as I go through the experiences of life and take greater interest in affairs nationally and globally I become more entrenched as a Conservative and will be voting for Harper and am with numerous strong convictions in doing so.

    I look back on recent Liberal governments, I look at the current McGuinty Liberals and I do not trust Ignatieff and current Liberals to be any different. I like Harper and direction of most of his policies. I appreciate he does not espouse tax and spend solutions. I like he is a strong leader of action and not a spouter of political correctness or wamby-pamby do nothing propositions such as Liberals with Kyoto and the gun registry. I do not want knee jerk reactions of appeasement from a leader and I do not always want to agree with a leader. I want to respect and see him with integrity, be with common sense solutions and to lead as a leader. I believe Canada and our economy is and will be stronger under Harper and I believe he is with conviction and fortitude to do as he says. I have listened to empty promises of the past and view Harper as most closely to keeping his word.

  31. Wow Garfield, thats quite an endorsement of the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper. Good on you!

  32. admin
    I see a personal dislike for Guy based on other circumstances in your post. I think you missed to whole idea behind Garfiellds post as a result of that blinding dislike.

    personally I know Guy is an idiot having had a few business discussions with him,. It is unfortunate we need to elect the ass end first to get the best results.

  33. Garfield, I am impressed with how well you can ignore all of the corruption, deceit and contempt that the Conservative government has show the Canadian public. You should review PJ Robertsons letter to the editor which lists quite a number of issues that you conveniently overlook. Your rose coloured glasses also conveniently looks back at the Tory edited version of political history in Canada and seems to stop just after the Mulroney years. If you want to see what a Conservative majority can do to Canada let’s look at the last one. It gave us the GST, Free Trade and a tradition of corruption that is still being investigated. I know the GST is being phased out across Canada by the current Conservative government only to be replaces by the HST.

  34. Heard so much about it. Aren’t you tired of it? Tory-edited, Liberal-edited, NDP-edited, Garfield-edited, smee-edited, Reg-edited…..tell me who really gives a damn?

  35. Author

    Reg that reminds me of a prominent local Conservative I spoke with a week or so ago. They complained about both Mr. Lauzon and Mr. Harper. I asked if I could quote them and they said absolutely! On May 3rd.

  36. That’s the problem, not enough people give a damn. What we need is an engaged population who can see through all the spin and mis-information and then actually vote with an informed opinion.

  37. Reg I am aware of the current issues the Conservatives face, however I put it into the context of the graft and corruption with likes of Alfonso Gagliano former Liberal Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Jane Stewart of HRDC and others. I recall the corrupt Liberal incidents of my earlier post. I remember Chretien’s arrogance, vindictiveness and the turfing of Nuziata from Liberal Caucus because he was with integrity. I remember Sheilla Copps offering to resign if Liberals lied on GST and Free Trade. In typical Liberal fashion she was spouting empty words to con and appease the electorate. There finally was a by-election in Hamilton but certainly not because she faithfully kept her word/promise, but because public outcry grew so unrelenting she was forced to comply and honour her word. Point being after Chretein, Martin(although Martin was not as corrupt) and the current Pinocchio McGuinty, the bar of ethics has been so lowered regarding the electorate and our expectations of trust and integrity of politicians. It is now generally accepted that politicians will lie and say what we want to hear.

    I put Harpers situation in context with the recent past and see it not as big a issue as the opposition’s pontificating hypocritically portrays it to be. In their day the Liberals were with a advantage in that they had a majority in both the House and Senate, thus a non confidence motion would not be with success. I have seen procedural issues and stonewalling issues with Harper yes, but nowhere the lies and corruption of the Liberal past. I do not condone these issues with the Conservatives especially as a big part of my support pertains to issues of truth and integrity. I am disappointed but to put it in context of the past they have not yet lost my support. I do not believe it will be any better under Ignatieff but also other issues such as taxes and the economy is of much greater importance to me and I strongly believe Harper the economist is with a better handle on that than Ignatieff the professor.

    Mulroney gave us the GST which I detested however economists now praise it. Chretien promised to rid us of it but lied and kept it as his cash cow. Martin also made use of it for his economic plan. That makes the Liberals no better or worse on that issue… only makes them hypocritical and bolsters my argument they excel at saying what the electorate wants to hear. Trudeau was same when Joe Clark said price of oil would increase. Trudeau said it would not. It soon rose higher in price than what Clark professed. I simply have no trust factor with Liberal governments. I see them as too politically correct and unwilling to make hard choices. I see them as lacking integrity and I see them as tax and spend. They are awesome at taxing… even the do nothing gun registry was originally designed as another tax grab.

    As for Free Trade average Joe Canadian did not like it however Free Trade is a reality in today’s economy and here to stay. Economics succeed with trade, competition and not with protectionism. I would prefer to have unfettered opportunity to reach 300,000,000 people than 30,000,000 people. The US is our largest trading partner, a similar arrangement is with Mexico, the European union is similar. Many Canadians do not realize we do not even free trade between provinces. In today’s global economy barriers and protectionism is not functional. Better we compete on the world stage and find our niche where we compete effectively and indeed we are. If Canada wants tariffs, barriers and impediments then other countries shall retaliate and do similar… it is not a one way street. In having managed a business in Upstate New York for seven years and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce I have seen business/trade/tax issues from different perspectives. Free Trade is is not a big bad boogieman in my books. It removed trade restrictions and greatly increased cross border trade. It was a prominent open issue during the 1988 Election and part of Mulroney’s platform… if I recall he was elected!

    The views I profess come from a combination of what I have gleaned from media and reading between the lines and of my own life experiences and expectations with family, in business and interactions in life.

    Harper may not be blessed with a cuddly persona but I shall never meet with him and thus my expectations of him pertains to leadership, competence, integrity, willingness to make difficult decisions, assertiveness, logic & common sense, problem solving skills, sound economic policies, etc.

    Ignatieff is already with a flip-flop regarding the Quebec arena and misrepresentation regarding his family coming to Canada with portrayed impression being they were poor immigrants and laboured their way up the ladder. Truth is his family were political Russian aristocrats that fled to Britain where $2million in today’s currency was waiting. When they came to Canada they did so as multi-millionaires not poor immigrants starting at the bottom of the ladder as portrayed. I do not see Mr. Ignatieff as ‘Mr. Integrity’, I see him as just another politician craving power and telling us what we want to hear. I am not for a tax and spend government and I am fed up with listening to hollow promises and being sold snake oil with politically correct do nothing policies.

  38. Garfield
    The only reason liberals win is due to lack of education in Canada and poor business sense combined with personal greed.

    You can see it clearly in the posts, it is not what is best for the country so much as themselves. Everyone asks for more and better services lack the ability to understand we cannot have service as promised by the liberals with out being taxed out the ass.

    I suppose they think more money in health care is the answer, and for what? so people like Despatie can earn in excess of $200,000 all the while eliminating services and beds.

    Give municipalities more money for infrastructure so the Mayor can go to Probert’s funeral paid out of tax dollars.

    Yea eliminate corporate tax cuts is a good idea, however if corporations are leaving Canada at the break neck speed people seem to think they are, can you imagine how much faster they will leave with less tax incentives?

    Money ain’t the problem trust me

  39. I do not comprehend why Canadians demand more, more, more without taking into consideration financial consequences and betterment of the country. I want services same as the next person however money does not grow on trees. To tax and spend like drunken sailors is with future repercussion. Logic and common sense dictates such spending can not work with a personal, family or business budget… what makes people think it will work for a country!

    The left continually promise more but we are already taxed to the hilt. I do not see government as wise stewards of money. Their solution typically is not efficiencies, instead it’s empire building, ever widening user fees and increasing multitude of taxes that bleed money from consumers and from circulating in the economy. I get a rash each time Liberals and NDPers want to tax business and corporations as a solve-all solution. On the surface it sounds as a cure-all solution but in truth it is a red herring that stifles jobs, growth and competitiveness. It is here i think the electorate is naive, thinking taxing business and corporations is not taxing them. In truth it works its way through the food chain and in the end we all pay… either in reduced growth and reduced cash flow, increased cost of goods and services, or in more people on social assistance.

    I want us with services and a social safety net however I also demand efficiencies and accountability. I want a leadership that can make informed, necessary and hard choices instead of bribing us with our own money and hollow promises. I want integrity, growth and accountability. Politics is about power and to get it politicians promise us the moon and the sky. There is no incentive for politicians to be with gonads and integrity as we the electorate want to be bought and sold. We have the power to put them in but sad to say at end of the day we are but pawns in a game of smoke and mirrors.

  40. Author

    Garfield here’s a question for you. I would like to see Canada have a flat tax, a guaranteed minimum income for Canadians instead of all the various programs, and solid medicare, education, and tax credits for job creation instead of handouts to various industries.

    What political stripe does that make me?

  41. So is this the new Conservative strategy, insulting Canadian intelligence? I mean the Conservatives have been doing it for years in office but on the campaign trail? It takes a lot of words to try and spin a good story but adding insult to injury is really contemptuous.

  42. Personally I am in favour of a flat tax because I think the current system stifles economic growth and worsens when politicians use taxes as their one-stop-shop, solve-all solution and a never ending cash cow. Generally I would put Liberals and NDP in this catagory and hence my often made comment of ‘tax and spend’ left wing philosophy. Current system and over taxation reduces economic growth as it creates a disincentive to work hard, save, invest and engage in entrepreneurial activities. A flat tax perchance creates incentive to engage in productive economic behaviour and growth. In the long run growth will stimulate more tax revenue and economic stimulus than stifling growth with high taxes at the starting gate.

    I would define a Liberal as someone who believes in protection of citizens by government. A conservative on the other hand is someone who wants citizens to be protected from government. A conservative to me typically believes in the premise liberty and freedom does not come from government… it is taken away by government. Taxation issues, being a Welfare State or Nanny State falls into this aspect, however one topic such as a flat tax is not enough for me to paint anyone with a political stripe.

    As we are with welfare, disability, old age pensions I would say we already are with a minimum income program in Canada. Of course it could be lumped under ‘income’ as opposed to these various programs we now have. In many instances I absolute favour cutting handouts to industries as I see too much abuse and exploitation. Much of it is short term and when government funds run out the program conveniently ends. More accountability or a complete change is required here. Tax credits for accomplishment I like as it rewards for implementing effort and success. We all want solid medicare and education… both are crucial and where defective or non-functional we must fix it, keep it affordable, efficient and functional.

  43. Reg to stretch my words out of context does you no justice.

  44. I thought you and Smee worked in concert. If you look at the gist of both comments I don’t believe anything is out of context.

  45. Reg you can drift in such direction, I see it often with online discussions. As for myself I shall stay off that path it adds nothing to discussion or awareness.

  46. It’s raining cats-and-dogs outside this morning….must be the Conservatives fault.

  47. Lol… good one Semper. Thank you for starting my day with a morning chuckle 🙂

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