Letter to the Editor – Oliver L. Brasseur of Stouffville Ontario on the Metric System – April 7, 2011

Dear Editor – Recently the Federal PC. government ” Harper ” expressed the desire to rid the country of the Metric system . This idea interests me because I  am a leading expert on the Metric measure .

I would like to see your paper invite the Local candidates running in the Federal election to discuss publically their feelings on how the Metric system is doing in Canada and if they Agree with Mr. Harper that we should rid Canada of a system that is not used by our most important trading partner the United States.

I have prepared some easily understood information they may use if they wish that may help them express their opiniun and desire for Canadians.

As i appear to be the only person who has taken the time to recalibrate the Metric measure to Imperial measure Canadian Standards with my Canadian ” Metric inch “.

I feel fully qualified to brief the Candidates or any person at what ever level if they wish to be informed .

This Metric Matter in my opiniun is of great inportance to the Educational and industrial welfare of Canada .

My personal opinium is Canadians should ignore my Canadian Inch invention and simply go back to a system that has worked well for years.

However those that feel passionate about Metric possibly may be interested in the Metric Inch , it is the same as metric only different.

Oliver L. Brasseur –  Stouffville – Ont. Canada –

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  1. Metric was another gift from Mr. Trudeau, however, without a study showing cost effectivness on our billion dollar a day trade with the US, I would leave it in place. Business has already altered sizes enough and we do not need to see the cost of a gallon of gas.
    1.24 X 3.8 L = $4.71 a US gallon,

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