Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Candidate Bernadette Clement Will Fight for Pension Protection – Cornwall Ontario – April 9, 2011

Cornwall ON – In her door to door canvassing across Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Federal Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement has expressed shared concern with constituents who are telling her about their concerns about pensions.


“We have a growing senior population within Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry and they are telling me about very serious concerns over their financial future,” said Ms. Clement.


“It is reassuring to tell them that over the last two years, Liberals have met with seniors all across Canada and worked on their behalf to develop a plan that will address their needs and honour their contributions to our country,” said Ms. Clement.


She added, “ The Liberal Family Pack will support seniors by strengthening pensions and helping families with the financial pressures of caregiving. Our plan will ensure seniors can retire with security and dignity.”


“Seniors understand that as Liberals we are the party that will strengthen public pensions by gradually expanding the Canada Pension Plan, offering a new Secure Retirement Option and helping low income seniors,” said Ms. Clement.


“I am prepared to work as well for pension protection for seniors and all Canadians,” added Ms. Clement.


“In some instances, I am asked about situations like the Nortel Pension Plan.  This is a case where with the bankruptcy of Nortel, pensioners have lost medical benefits and up to as much fifty per cent of their pension.  The federal government failed in the last parliament to protect the rights of retirees and their pension plans. It is too late to change things for the Nortel pensioners, but it is not to late to protect future pensioners who could be in similar circumstances by enacting the necessary legislation. That is one of the reasons why I am running to be your Member of Parliament and help make a difference for you,” said Ms. Clement.

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  1. Pensions are a good way to attract votes from seniors.

    In your plans to ensure a better system, where will you gain revenue to establish The Liberal Family Pack?

    This liberal plan like the Green Party calling foul on the debate and Layton claiming Tim Horton’s Medicare is nothing more then a hallow promise. You are trying the same pension concept that Ruby Dhalla is trying in Brampton

    In all cases they use the relatively low education of people in Canada hoping to get elected.

    Good intentions are a noble cause, but remember some of the worst tragedies were began with good intent.

  2. Opps sorry forgot to add, what will you be doing for people ranging in ages from 18 to 65. Is there any plan for viable and competetive employment for the area, or just taxes to pay for The Liberal Family Pack?

    Also, I am curious why you would call it the Liberal Family Pack as opposed to the Canadian Family Pack???

  3. Wow Smee what a negative attitude. Now you have insulted the intelligence of all Canadians…. “In all cases they use the relatively low education of people in Canada hoping to get elected.”

    And I’m pretty sure Tim Horton’s Medicare is a bad thing, not something you would promise, not even a hallow promise.

  4. Reg
    Our education levels are on the low end of the global scale. Most people in our generation, which is post baby boomers or end of the baby boomers are all in the mill mentality. Most left school for big bucks.
    Prove me wrong if you can.

    I in no way condone Tim Hortons health care, however the fact that Layton is using it in his campaign just goes to show how ignorent the polliticians play us for.

    Health Care is provincial.

    Greens say the no invite to the debate is not democratic, however how many Canadians know they need to hold a seat in the house first.

    Ignorence is a bad things here Reg, unless of course you can earn a living from it

  5. Tim Hortons Medicare…..does it have MSG in it too?

  6. I’ll have a double double IV please. Automatic drip, lol

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