Letter to the Editor – Mr. Eugene Parks of Victoria BC – A Vote for Mr. Harper A Vote to End our Parliamentary System? – April 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

Is trashing democracy ok? Mr. Harper has abused every watchdog, every potential oversight, every attempt (from others) at making government transparent. He has refused to report to parliament and grossly misstates activities and budgets when he does.


He has prorogued parliament to avoid accountability. Those are facts. Doesn’t a vote for more of the same validate the effective end of our parliamentary system?

Eugene Parks – Victoria BC

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  1. Why do you chastise a person for using a system for the purpose it was created? He prorogued parliament to stave a vote for non confidence. At that time our choice of government would have been a coalition of Larry Moe and Curly or Mussolini, Howard( Australia) and Napoleon.

    Yea I know in other countries a coalition works, but how could we expect three people/parties to assemble and work for a greater Canada. You have seen the debates, each and every one of them have their own agenda. Would you be willing to spend money and tax dollars on political parties that are so politically distant?

    Would anyone honestly trust Duceppe to act on behalf of Canada?? The liberals at that time wouldn’t even work together amongst themselves. The NDP sure like the liberals would spend spend our tax dollars and on what? The system is busted and all the money in the word will not fix the system. The system is the people with in maybe the people need to go.

    Harpers decision was a sound one he kept Canada from becoming nothing more than a gong show

  2. Yes, Mr. Parks, absolutely. And Harper’s continuing attempts, as in the English debate, to brush off Parliament’s ruling of contempt as just a matter of being outvoted in Parliament compounds his contempt. The man is contemptuous of parliamentary democracy, period, and for that reason alone unfit for government.

  3. Call a spade a spade. The fact is, given his contempt for parliamentary democracy, a vote for Harper is essentially a vote for a dictator. Do Conservative voters really want a dictator?

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