Grand Chief Mike Mitchell of Akwesasne Speaks to The Cornwall Free News – Bridge Crisis, Federal Election, Harper Government – Changing Perceptions – April 16, 2011

Akwesasne Mohawk Territory – I caught up with Grand Chief Mike Mitchell of Akwesasne Friday.    As usual he was a moving target and on the run.

The Ronathahon:ni Cultural Centre better known as The Native North American Traveling College where a grant from Ontario was presented by MPP Jim Brownell.   The Grand Chief also debuted his new book on Lacrosse, a passion of his.

We spoke about the Seaway International Bridge Crisis that is about to enter its third year.

We haven’t had an opportunity to negotiate a solution.

He said that there were two complaints under investigation involving bridge turn around and Identity cards used from various entities in Akwesasne.


The Grand Chief also spoke about his efforts to counter negative perceptions about Akwesasne perpetuated via media coverage of the Bridge Crisis and issues connected to it.

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  1. Always figured this problem would be ignored because of Harper’s Border Security Deal. And he said there might be negotiations with the U.S. customs Hmmmm.

  2. @Jamie…the sculpture in the background looks amazing. Perhaps a future story on the artist and the work?

  3. Author

    Jacqueline we’re going to be doing a story on the facility as there are even more goodies inside and their new ampitheatre offers a lot of possibilities. It’s one of the reasons I tried to entice Mr. Bonaparte to be on the Cornwall Cultural Committee while I was a member and founder. Art knows no borders.

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