We Catch up with MPP Jim Brownell of SD&SG Ontario – Caf & Conservative Nominee Jim McDonell – April 16, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The wheels of government work slowly sometimes and faster others.    This week CAF, a service and training provider in Cornwall Ontario lost its provincial funding to the tune of over $1 Million dollars.

We started to cover CAF after they started a social enterprise called CAF Technologies that was going to sell and service Printers, computers, etc, but shut down after two weeks after local stores protested.

Original CAF Technology story.

The only Politician back then to react was MPP Jim Brownell.   Letters to MP Guy Lauzon did not result in any action.   The CFIB also jumped to the defense of some of their members.

I caught up with MPP Brownell after the revelations of this week and here is what he had to say?

This interview also includes his thoughts about not running in the upcoming October Provincial election and the Conservative nominee, Mayor Jim McDonell.


We found a CAF video on You Tube as well.


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