Bob Rae Visits Cornwall Ontario Health Care, the Economy, the Harper Government, and Internet Usage – April 18, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario – 1080 HD VIDEO

Cornwall ON – SD&SG Liberal Candidate has a lot to smile about today!   Her campaign is entering a new gear as she revs up for the last two weeks of the campaign.

Today she had a visitor come to assist her in her campaigning; former Premier of Ontario and current MP, Mr. Bob Rae.

Health care is the hot button issues in this election and Canadians are starting to realize that the government they elect on May 2 will be the government that most likely has to deal with the the funding issues that Canada faces in 2014.

No matter what political stripe you wear health care is something that touches all of us.

MP Rae and candidate Clement on Health Care


Ms Clement (not Mrs. as someone recently wrote) and Mr. Rae had a visit to the Seaway International Bridge and talked about that before visiting her office where Mr. Rae spoke to the capacity crowd.

We’ll be updating this with video as available.

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  1. Wonder if he remembers throwing darts with me and my mom Arlene Mantle (political activist singer) for the U.A.W. C.A.W. and the NDP almost 30 years ago in Parry Sound when I argued with Mr. Rae on the fact that unions were beneficial to women and immigrants rights but would cause a lot of issues globally in about 30 years well Mr. Rae its bout 30 yrs later and look at the state of Canada alone and the gap between poor and middle classes and the amount of businesses moving to country’s with no unions maybe you should have taken more time to listen to me then lmao (example city workers union pays in Cornwall and none of them know how to use a broom by the look of the city.)their paid over 25$ per hour aprox. Well people are begging to find minimum wage jobs when their wages could pay 2 people willing to clean the streets with brooms on a daily basis instead of once a month with a ride on tractor with a vacuum attached… Look up Arlene Mantle on google ladies you will love her this I am sure of…. Sincerly Michael Mantle

  2. We will never forget “Rae Days”……enough said.

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