Avonmore All-Candidates Debate by Reg Coffey – April 19, 2011

Avonmore All-Candidates Debate  by Reg Coffey – April 19, 2011

Avonmore ON – The Stormont County Federation of Agriculture sponsored an All-Candidates debate at the North Stormont Place, Avonmore on Tuesday night. Included in this debate for the first time was Darcy Neal Donnelly, the Libertarian candidate for SD&SG.
The meeting was well run and once started was politely controlled and kept on time by the moderator, Alan Kruszel, President of the SFA.
The opening statements were similar to the previous evenings debate with the exception of Mr. Donnelly’s introduction. The questions from the audience tended to focus on rural issues such as Bankable Risk Management programs and supporting Market Supply programs. In general all candidates agreed that both programs were important and that if elected they would support both in some way.
The sole exception was Mr. Donnelly who stated that if a business cannot support itself then perhaps they should do something else. Mr. Donnelly indicated that he and the Libertarian party are against any form of government subsidies.
There were several questions from the audience that questioned the ethics and morality of current political paradigm and asked what approach the candidates would take to make changes. One of the questions from an Ingleside resident is presented in the video below.
Video- Avonmore All Candidates Debate 19 April 2011

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