Letter to the Editor – Pierre Rochon Pulling for the NDP – April 20, 2011

NDP Support


Progressive Conservatives, Bloc and Liberal supporters in Canada are slowly turning more and more towards the NDP party. This is not surprising to me. One just has to look at the party leaders, their platforms and their choice of candidates for this election. For me it is real clear- It’s the NDP. This election I feel Canadians have a real choice. Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff and Gilles Duceppe are wrong for Canada and they are unable to put the needs of Canadians ahead of their own political goals. It is time to help all Canadians and their families who are struggling everyday to get ahead.

With a NDP vote I know that I will get a leader in Jack Layton, and a great candidate in Mario Leclerc, who is running locally in SDSG, for leadership I can trust and a party who will work for me and will put families first.

Progressive people are uniting. We can no longer trust the Liberals either. During this election campaign they use the NDP programs to get elected but I know once elected they will act like the Tories. Also, if I want or am looking for “A breathe of fresh air” I can just step outside to get a taste of the great Canadian outdoors. It’s time now for all of us to unite and vote to stop the radical right agenda of Stephen Harper and the others.

Join me and this time let’s vote NDP.


Pierre Joseph Rochon  – Cornwall Ontario.

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  1. I’d never admit this to my partner….but I plan on voting NDP. I wanted to the last time but was talked out of it. This time, there is absolutely NO discussion…I’m voting NDP because they’re the only Party that makes sense!

  2. Sorry, the reality is that, although I think Jack is a nice guy, the NDP platform is full of holes. It is easy to promise the moon when you have no chance of being elected. In every place that the NDP are actually elected provincially, they cry the blues that things are worse than they expected and quickly do an about face on their promises. Just have a heart to heart with Mr. Bob Rae. He knows this all too well. Read Jeffry Simpson’s column in the Globe and Mail at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/opinion/ndp-vows-are-spoken-to-be-broken/article1991564/
    It’s easy to give a speech that can promise the moon, it’s the delivery that’s important. That the NDP cannot and will not do.

  3. As David Wood says, read Jeffrey Simpson in today’s G & M on Layton’s deep irresponsibility in the French debate for proposing to reopen the constitution to get “winning conditions” for Quebec. Talk about opening a can of worms and dividing the country! And remember it was Layton who helped to bring Martin down and let Harper in. “Reckless” and “irresponsible” are Simpson’s words—absolutely right.

  4. As my article letter to the editor it was the NDP who voted unanimously for Bill C-474 to protect our farmer’s and our food from Monsanto. Actions speak louder than news articles and media. What has the Conservatives done to help Cornwall? Our bridge situation is still a mess, we have less family doctor’s than we did 5 years ago….time to think Change!!!

  5. Btw that article is biased if you ask me. Quebec would be better off with NDP rather than Conservative if we want them to stay part of Canada! Layton is fresh. Being from Quebec, we need a leader who will listen to Quebec. Order Quebec around, then, you are in trouble. Whether you care if Quebec stays part of Canada is not my concern. I will always stand behind Quebec for my anglophone friends and family living there.

  6. Hi Pierre,

    Jack Layton seems like a great guy. But let’s be realistic, the best the NDP can hope for in SDSG is third place (and no disrespect to Mario who also seems like a great guy). Bernadette Clement might be a long shot against Super Guy, but she is the only one who could possibly unseat him. However a strong third place showing by the NDP will only ensure and guarantee a victory for Mr. Lauzon. Now I assume as an NDP supporter, the Conservatives least represent what you want to see in your government. I understand voting for principles, but there is something to be said about strategic voting, especially when there is a great progressive candidate in this riding. Unless of course you see no difference between Bernadette Clement and Guy Lauzon. However, if you are a progressive, Bernadette Clement is the best shot of unseating Super Guy and trying to ensure that Steven Harper has one less seat on May 2nd.

  7. Lets really be realistic! If we want a “breath of fresh air” then vote for it! Vote Green this time!

  8. Seems to me the lofty ideals of a provincial NDP Leader now turned Federal Liberal MP almost bankrupt Ontario.
    Have you thought about why the NDP look better in Quebec? The NDP ideals are similar to the BloQ’s on several issues.

    If you really want to help families, reduce some programs so 2 people do not have to work to pay high tax. It goes on from there, if someone can afford to keep a parent in the house, maybe, just maybe, there will be more control on the kids. From there that could mean less people in trouble reducing court, jail and Police interactions.

    Think that is possible with NDP or Liberal programs?????

  9. I see there is an NDP candidate working in Ottawa, running for a riding on the other side of Montreal. The Globe and Mail reports she was vacationing in Las Vegas last week. Is Jack sure they do things differently?

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