Letter to the Editor – Diane Marshall of Cornwall Ontario Concerned About Harper Government Bill C-474 & Monsanto – April 20, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario


I have been so astounded, listening to people about the upcoming election. and saddened by so many people’s lack of being informed.

After  speaking  with many people here in Cornwall here are  some examples of what I hear. “Don’t listen to what they say about Harper on the news and in the papers, it’s all made up and all lies” or “I have always voted Conservative, why should I change now?”

My first reaction is that Canadians should have to pass a test to prove they have informed themselves but then, we have so much voter apathy as it is, that would defiantly not help.

I hear many reason’s also why not to vote Conservative but one thing I never hear about is Bill C-474 which was rejected by the Conservative government on October 2nd.

This bill would of protected Canadian farmer’s from their seed being germinated by  Monsanto seed (seed that has been genetically engineered) and protected us from eating GM produce. Buying local would not matter in the future.  All NDP and Bloq and some Liberals voted for this bill while Conservatives unanimously voted against it.

Goes to show how the Conservatives do not have our best interest at heart nor the farmer’s who have been fighting long to keep their seed clean. This will effect our economy and put farmer’s and our health both at risk.

Vote Conservative and you vote for unsafe food and for our farmers to continue struggling to make ends meet. Vote for Conservatives and you vote for our freedoms being taken away from us when it comes to the simple choice of what we eat.

Please think before you vote but most of all PLEASE VOTE!

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  1. Well said, Diane. Right on for our riding. Really, what have all the cheesy photo-ops and blue signs done for it?

  2. You should have been at the debate last night in Avonmore or maybe you could go tonight in South Mountain. The focus was/is rural affairs.

  3. if organic farming is so good for us and there is less chemicals and it is better for the populus in general…why does it cost so much more to purchase the final products

  4. A tad bias and bit of slant in stating ‘SOME’ Liberals and the Conservatives unanimously voted against it when in fact ‘MOST'(over 50%) 40 Liberals voted against it. Makes me curious why so many MP’s voted against against it, including that slight majority of Liberal MP’s.

    True, a good number of persons are not informed of the issues in voting but I am curious if you apply hat label too liberally and primarily to those on the Right who are in preference of Harper and his Conservatives… and thus contrary to your views. Does that make so such persons are uninformed? I partake of the media on a daily basis and have done so for a number decades. I have been a card carrying member of two different political parties, have attended numerous “All Candidates Debates”, and actively get involved. Have made a few comments this election online which I think conveys I am informed and with a understanding of the issues. Despite all that I was arbitrarily labeled as uninformed, indeed not with sufficient knowledge to vote. Lol Quote: GO WATCH THE NEWS!!! PLEASE!!! IF I HAD ONLY ONE WISH IT WOULD BE THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO PASS A TEST TO PROVE THEY WERE INFORMED TO BE ABLE TO VOTE!!!! YOU HAVE JUST PROVEN WITH ALL YOUR COMMENTS THAT YOU ARE NOT INFORMED!!! IT KILLS ME TO KNOW CANADIANS WHO ARE SO UNFORMED VOTE!!!!!! If I was voting for the Lefties and with Leftist/Socialist mindset would that make so I be a informed voter! LoL Perhaps some of others You spoke with are indeed informed, just with difference of opinion and politically leaning in a different direction..

    With the bias addressed, I do remain with a curiosity as to the pros and cons to Bill C-474 and why the far left parties endorsed it while the Liberals were divided on the issue with a slight majority siding with the Conservatives who vote unanimously against it. I understand the issues with genetically modified organisms and some of the pro’s and con’s. I am curious what the reasoning of the dissenting MP’s was… other than the rhetoric of supporting corporations and big business. What were the other reasons? Were there other options? This topic is not a election issue for me and so I have previously only given it scant attention. Naturally I shall seek further information online, however I am also interested in the perspectives of others.

  5. Did you go to Avonmore Reg? Can you give a run down on what was discussed and what the main concerns were?

  6. Garfield, did you notice that I have not associated myself with any party in the letter to the editor. I only stated the facts that I know. I did email Iggy to ask why the Liberals did not take action on this vote and was surprisingly replied to & was told that votes are free votes on private bills. Therefore that is why the Liberals were split. I will not insult you in any way as you did me saying I am the one not informed. I take the time to read bills passed and get the results that are important to me. To say this is not an election issue, is ridiculous. ELECTION ISSUES ONLY BECOME ISSUES BECAUSE THE POPULATION CARES AND WANTS ANSWERS! There is one party who is promising to address these issues because our health & our farmer’s are important to them and the economy is important to them also as the Monsanto seeds taking over will greatly effect the economy & our farmers, not to mention make food prices even higher. Throughout the U.S. Monsanto has taken over most farmer’s and many farmer’s have gone bankrupt. I do urge you to investigate because once you do you may be interested in knowing what you will be eating in the future also. The best of luck with your research! It’s out there to find! 🙂

  7. BTW you know what is better than watching the news? Investigating yourself. Our MP did not even show up for that vote. I did get a list of who votes yas and who voted nah if you want more information.

  8. Wish I had of had time to go to Avonmore but I will try to make the debate in Cornwall tomorrow

  9. Jacqueline, most of the questions from the audience were around maintaining supply management and creating a “Bankable Risk Management” program. I wrote a quick review that I gave to the boss along with video. There were a few people who had questions about ethics and those questions were given the same old pat answers that were issued by the head con-cons.

  10. @Garfield If we’re going to be going into detail I thought I’d be specific. 40 of 58 liberals voted against Bill C-474 so more than 2/3rds of the Liberals voted against it. The news article quote that angered me most on this issue: Most members of the House of Commons Agriculture and Agri-Food Committee were not in Ottawa to vote on C-474. In a Canadian Biotechnology Action Network press release, Maureen Bostock who speaks for the National Farmers Union stated, “Its outrageous that instead of being at the vote in Ottawa, most Agriculture Committee members are actually in Guelph listening to the President of Monsanto Canada.”

    I’m the guy who checks the PLU code on fruits and vegetables before making a purchase. (the ones with 4 digits are locally grown non GMO) I actually care about what I put in my body and wish I didn’t have to decipher a secret code to figure out if my food has been altered. I think that Liberals and moreso Conservative members do more to chase the corporate dollars, but what’s the real cost. Some movie recommendations for your investigations are The World According to Monsanto, or interviews and speeches by Jeffery Smith (google seeds of deception). And hopefully you’ve seen Food Inc. by now, I’ve seen it on CBC news. I don’t want to hear stories in Canada akin to the one where 1300 indian cotton farmers committed suicide 2006 alone due to Monsanto. I don’t like when it’s illegal to label food as NonGMO, I should know and be able to make a choice. Bad food makes you unhealthy which in turn means more visits to the doctor which drives up our health care costs. You and I pay for it, do we pay for it now or later? And if you’re going to be paying for it anyways wouldn’t you rather feel healthier doing it? When you look at BigAg in the US government they were mostly Monsanto employees at one point, it appears that’s happened here in Canada as well, but I can’t confirm that…yet. Seems I’ll be seeking more info as well. Random thoughts, take ’em or leave em. 🙂

  11. Did not say you were not informed Diane, I commented I found the article to be with a strong bias and found myself compelled to make comment. The “uninformed” comments I made mention of were words you directed at me a few weeks ago. I did not make comment at the time as it mattered not to me. However to see your similar words conveyed again it made me wonder as to the criteria in your determining if one is informed or not.

    I said Bill C-474 is not a election issue FOR ME. It may be a defining issue for others, however for myself it is not and as such I’ve not focused upon it. There already is a precedent with genetically modified flax which adversely affected the Canadian market, also organic farmers are definitely with major concerns and justifiably so. With a ever increasing global population I see it as a double edge sword and with curiosity as to reasoning of the voting against it. I believe there is much we are not informed of regarding genetic modification of plants and animals. With both it works its way through the food change and to have effect in a number of areas, including health and economic. In seeing both pros and cons with it I wondered what the defining issues were that prompted MP’s division of votes. Monopolies such as Monsanto and the big pharmaceuticals typically give me a rash as they are total self serving and they care not for the little guy whether it be competitor or consumer. For me it remains a double edged sword.

    Ironic and interesting, in reading your article I was with only passing interest in Bill C-474. It was other aspects of your article that prompted me to make comment, however in doing so I have come full circle and now delving deeper into Bill C-474, GM foods, the economic impact, etc. Very clever of you 🙂 With my interest sparked I shall delve deeper and sate my curiosity.

  12. @Paul thanks for explanation and education. I agree the Liberals and Conservative more often chase the corporate dollars. I am well aware of corporate lobbying and curious if this was the driving focus of the vote or something other.

    Cool with the PLU code as I was not aware of it. In past I had not given thought to checking to see if something has been genetically altered. Normally I purchase organically grown foods as we are what we eat. To learn of the PLU code gives me additional insight.

    As for random thought, indeed I shall take them. Thank you Paul.

  13. Sorry Garfield about another comment elsewhere. In this article I was talking about people who vote for the same party traditionally year after year and do not get informed. Also people who make remarks like I had made to me about the media lying about everything. I agree the media cannot always be trusted but we can take what they say and investigate more into it. I was not directing any of what I said to you at all.

  14. I agree with what you say regarding those who traditionally vote for the same party election after election… lacking awareness or basic understanding of issues, but regardless blindly resolute in their party of choice.

    Regarding the comments no offence was taken. That in itself or my perception of leftist bias in the article would have had me bypassing comment, however the two issues combined to spark reaction from me. Unexpected result is I found myself gaining a greater awareness of Bill C-474 and in a wider scope. Greater awareness is always good… thanks 🙂

  15. Garfield
    I think the corporate dollars are more asociated with the NDP and the Conservates. One of the major concerns elections the Liberals fail to inform the public about is how the conservatives wish to elimiinate public campaign financing.. This is a huge part of liberal funding and would take a big bite from there coffers.

    If we take a look at the expenses incurred on the 2008 election we see

    Conservative Party of Canada $19,999,230.62
    Green Party of Canada $19,751,412.68
    Liberal Party of Canada $20,014,302.76
    New Democratic Party $20,063,430.10

  16. Talk about slanting the pen! Ok we get it you hate Harper. So let’s give the drama teacher or the avowed socialist a chance to ruin things. I am sure they will do a much better job . I mean just listen to their promises.

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